All those August garden jobs and a few besides

By Paul Hervey-Brookes

August is the month to enjoy your garden to the full. From glorious colours, heady scents and an abundance of fruit and vegetable it is time to enjoy the results of your hard work.

Watering and feeding are essential, especially hanging baskets, pots and climbers. If you have a pond keep it topped up and algae free. Weed regularly as weeds take moisture from the soil and perhaps think about adding an automatic watering system to your garden to keep your plants healthy while you are away on holiday.

Remember to keep fresh water available for the birds both for drinking and washing.

Remember to keep fresh water available for the birds both for drinking and washing.
Paul Hervey-Brookes

After all this strenuous work in the garden, take time to decide which bulbs to plant for autumn and spring.

If you fancy a little project to really bring the outdoors in then you could try one of these ‘designer interior’ ideas; for a contemporary home and modern kitchen with a blank wall Smooth Sandstone could give you an interesting feature wall.

Alternatively, connecting your outdoor garden dining terrace to the house can also be tricky so why not bring the terrace in and change your existing flooring by laying Bamburgh Mill pavers to add timeless charm and appeal to your kitchen or Natural Sandstone to give a mature, timeworn instant look to your floor - if you think this is a little strange consider that up until the early 20th century most kitchens had stone floors so its a really traditional option which has a long pedigree.


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Paul Hervey-Brookes

Paul had his own highly successful landscape design business, and has also designed a range of gardening gifts for Marks & Spencers.

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