September gardening advice

By Paul Hervey-Brookes


Daffodils and crocus bulbs can be planted now either in pots or directly into the soil and will provide a splash of colour in the spring. However, tulips are best planted in the cool, moist conditions of late autumn. Spring bedding plants can be planted now. Buy pansies, sweet Williams and wallflowers. Water well before planting and soak during dry weather to help them get established.

Keep containers in shape by regular deadheading to encourage more flowers and feed weekly to give them an extra boost. When they start to look tired, plant up colourful containers with Heucheras or Asters. Heucheras come in a variety of colours ranging from chartreuse green to burnt orange and rich burgundy. The daisy shaped blooms of Asters come in pretty shades of pink, purple and blue and look good on their own or in a mixed display.

Divide perennials by lifting and dividing into pieces. Do this during September as the soil is still warm. Prise apart with two forks or cut with a spade.When replanted, water throughout the month to get them settled in.

September heralds autumn days to come. Time to tidy, store and plant.
Paul Hervey-Brookes

Plant supports, lawn and greenhouse

As canes and plant supports are finished with they can be stored in the garage, greenhouse or shed. Keeping them dry during the winter is important as if they are left out during the winter they will not last many seasons.

Cut the lawn on dry days as it will soon be too wet to do and from the middle of the month is the best time to scarify the lawn and apply a feed. If you have one, clip your conifer hedge now. If you leave it too late the new shoots will be damaged by frost and cause browning.

Clean the greenhouse before moving anything in for the winter to help prevent the spread of pests and disease.

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Paul Hervey-Brookes

Paul had his own highly successful landscape design business, and has also designed a range of gardening gifts for Marks & Spencers.

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