Top tips to help you protect your patio

By The Secret Gardener

The weather can be harsh on your patio so it’s essential that you take a few steps to ensure it’s fully prepared ahead of the winter months. Lee Dunderdale, Product Manager at Bradstone, gives his top tips for helping to protect your paving.


Tip #1: Clean your patio

The first step to protecting your patio is ensuring that it remains clean. Be sure to regularly remove any fungus, dirt, mildew, algae and leaves that accumulate on your pavers and give it a regular wash-down with a stiff brush or broom.


Tip #2: Remove pots and furniture

Removing plant pots and garden furniture from your patio is a good way of avoiding any stains appearing or the build-up of mildew over the autumn and winter months. Bringing potted plants indoors and storing away furniture will also help to protect them from the bad weather too.

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Tip #3: Sealer

A good quality sealer can be used to combat stains and weeds and, if applied early enough, can help to ensure protection during the colder months. Sealer should only be applied on a thoroughly clean and dry patio surface.

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