Top 3 block paving looks

By The Secret Gardener

When choosing a driveway for your home, there are several factors of design and functionality that need to be considered. It’s important to opt for a striking design that draws people to your door, whilst still complementing the existing architecture of the property.

Getting the right balance of style and practicality is key, and block paving represents an extremely practical and durable solution that can also offer a multitude of design possibilities for homeowners to personalise their space. With a range of colours, durability, finishes and prices to choose from, Bradstone’s range of driveway block paving products provides a variety of solutions that are the epitome of flair and functionality.

Bradstone has a driveway to suit everyone’s tastes, but here are our top three block paving looks:

1. Charm and Character

Create an unforgettable first impression with Bradstone’s Woburn Rumbled block paving. The delightful cobbles feature a weathered appearance and mottled effect, which helps create a sense of real period character and charm. Bradstone still use the traditional method of ‘rumbling’ which gives the most authentic finish to the block. Available in four shades, each perfectly complements the cobble style.

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2. Mastering the modern look

For a more modern look for your driveway, Bradstone’s Stonemaster® Block Paving is a superbly realistic alternative to natural granite. Available in three different shades of grey, with each colour available in either a 300x100mm single size or a mixed size pack containing four different sized pavers. Stonemaster allows you to enhance your kerb appeal with the aesthetics of natural stone. For added peace of mind, these block paving stones are also treated with Bradstone Surface Protection for long-lasting resistance against stains caused by oil, grease and moss.

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3. A timeless classic

For real kerb appeal at an appealing price, Bradstone’s Driveway block paving adds visual interest to the front of any home. It’s as easy on the eye as it is on the pocket, combining affordability with durability, making it the perfect match for driveways, as well as patios and paths. Available in one size in seven different colours - Autumn, Burnt Oker, Brindle, Charcoal, Buff, Red and Grey – to give your home the entrance it deserves.

Finally, for those that want a practical solution, Bradstone’s Driveway Infilta and Woburn Rumbled Infilta range is a driveway that drains as it rains. When it’s laid as part of a permeable solution, any water that lands on it simply drains away between the blocks, stopping surface water from collecting on your drive, leaving a clear walkway to your home.

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Finishing touches

The perfect finishing touch for any block paving is a kerb. Effortlessly combining style and practicality, Bradstone’s kerbs perfectly complement their block paving and prevent vehicular overrun onto lawn and flower beds. Available in a rumbled or standard finish, and in a range of sizes, the collection comes in a variety of shades to complement or contrast your driveway.

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