Behind the Scenes at Bradstone - Matt

By The Secret Gardener

This week on our blog we are joined by Matt. Matt is our Technical Customer Service Manager and has been with the company for just under a year now. 

What is your role at Bradstone? 

As Technical Customer Service Manager I am responsible for assessing Assured contractors both prior to attaining Assured membership and also during their time as Assured contractors to ensure they keep up the high standards that Bradstone expects. I have been in the landscaping industry for 18 years now having started my studies in Landscape design at university since 2002.

The Bradstone Assured guarantee means that upon completion of a project by a Bradstone Assured installer you will have 30 days to apply for your free 5 year guarantee on installation and 10 year guarantee on products. Terms and conditions apply. More information can be found here


What is your favourite Bradstone product? 

Without a doubt my favourite product would have to be Romeli -  I love how it gives the traditional look to a space but with all the benefits of porcelain. I've actually got it in my own garden with a contrasting detail of Madera Antigua. 

Romeli is designed to mimic the look of natural stone with its unique qualities offering a wide variation in colour. It is available in a 800x400mm single sized paver and also a 10mm thinner version for use indoors. For more information click here


How have you adapted your role during lockdown? 

With Covid restrictions it has been difficult to get out and see all of the installers over the past couple of months. I have been going out for business critical cases and was starting to go out again but now with more local lockdowns this has been put on hold. This has meant I have been able to help the technical team a little more. 


What have you been up to during lockdown? 

Lockdown has given me plenty of time to spend with my wife and two young children. I have found this time invaluable and really taken advantage,, it’s not very often you get to spend so much time together! I like to keep myself busy so having been doing plenty of DIY. Obviously having been a landscaper the garden took priority until I ran out of things to do and then I had to move indoors! I tried my hands and plenty of projects - my favourite being the new built in cupboards I built to surround our fireplace.  

What was your favourite Assured project of 2020?

With the role I do I don’t normally see the finished project which is good for me as I get to see the skill of many of our installers but it does mean I don’t get to see their ideas and designs come to life. I have however recently been to see a project that caught my eye and thankfully have seen images. Chris at Golden Stones laid the Bradstone Natural circle that is beautifully set off by the surrounding stonework. 

Golden Stones Gardening is an Assured Installer based in Stroud. To find your local assured installer click here


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