Decorative Christmas pine cone decorations

Dressing up for Christmas

By Paul Hervey-Brookes, December 22

Dressing up for Christmas

We often see pictures on the television of houses lit up top to bottom and end to end with lights. The gardens are full of every lit up animal and Father Christmas imaginable but somewhere, someone has a more traditional Christmas theme in their garden. It could be you!

If you have some frost proof pots that are empty, group some by your front door and place fir cones, small fir tree pieces and red baubles in them. A welcoming sight.

Find an old, fairly large picture frame and paint it white. Thread a fir garland through and in the centre suspend three baubles at differing lengths. Hang on your front door for an alternative, chic wreath.

As the trend of up cycling continues take some cardboard, a length of lace, glue and buttons to create a wreath unique to you. Using two circular objects (a dinner plate and saucer), cut a wreath from the cardboard. Take your buttons and sort them into sizes. Using the glue, randomly stick the large buttons onto the wreath. Infill with other buttons of different sizes and when dry make a loop to hang it from with the lace. A similar method to this can be done with a readymade oasis wreath and vintage pearl buttons for a shimmering effect - these kinds of projects are great to get Children involved with and I am sure you will treasure these home made decorations for years longer than those you can buy.

Find two empty hanging baskets and some pine cones and get your children to spray them white. Fill the baskets with the cones and some glittery white baubles and hang either side of your door. Get them to cut out white cardboard snowflakes and attach to white lights to hang with the baskets.

Spray two branches white and put them into two vintage tin buckets. Add pretty decorations for a discreet but effective display either side of the door.

Don't be scared to use some left over paving stones from that autumn project to make a temporary display surface to really highlight a flowering shrub or intact to create a focal point seen from a window to really add Christmas cheer.


Paul has his own highly successful landscape design business, and has also designed a range of gardening gifts for Marks and Spencers.

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