Brilliant bordering for your garden

By Paul Hervey-Brookes, November 09

Brilliant bordering for your garden

Borders, and this time not those swathed in colour and plants but the edging to a pathway, drive or lawn can become so much more than they often are. So now with a mild November its a good time to have a fresh look and give them a little oomph!

Most people have a path in the garden and often with a small decorative band on either or one side but, imagine, a wide plant filled border either side framing your path and making it a beautiful feature instead of a fairly boring area.

Make your path from what you will, be it gravel edged with Ancestry, mixed materials of Driveway Infilta and Scottish cobbles or more interestingly Random stepping stones and mosaics formed from old tiles to add colour and interest. Add to this individual planting. A border of predominately green plants or one with a riot of colour. Tall plants or short your border can be what you want.

Drives can be pretty boring but if between your house and the drive you put a luxurious predominantly evergreen border in place it will soften what can be a hard image. Plant tall, graceful grasses interspersed with Crocosmia and add soft lighting for the evenings, a border of one colour or if you have the time and imagination build rolling green grassy mounds for a completely different look. For more drive ideas look at our design pack ideas for drive ways!

A border in the lawn can be to one side but will be more exciting if you put a pathway through it. A soft gravel path using decorative stone, Forest green or Celtic plum hidden away between a colourful, country cottage mix of flowers spilling over the edges.

So take the ordinary out of your paths and consider them a little more than a simple a to b option and reap the rewards next year!


Paul has his own highly successful landscape design business, and has also designed a range of gardening gifts for Marks and Spencers.

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