A garden in March

Gardening advice for March

By Paul Hervey-Brookes, March 01

Gardening advice for March

March is the month that Spring arrives. More frequent sunny days provide opportunities to get out in the garden and as the temperature begins to rise and lush new growth appears the bane of the gardeners life will appear. Slugs and snails! Organic slug pellets will help to protect plants as will the tried and tested method of removing them by hand.

Shallots ready for plantingAlthough early in the year there will be lily beetles about and they will need to removed and squashed. Preparing seed beds, sowing seeds and planting shallots, onion sets and early potatoes can be done now. The greenhouse can be opened up on warmer days, tubers can be planted in trays and seedlings pricked out. Plug plants are ready for sale now and can be grown on in the greenhouse. Make sure your heater is working as there will still be cold nights ahead.

Make sure that vulnerable plants are protected at night if frost is forecast and as March is notorious for its winds ensure that exposed plants are well supported. Bare root hedging, roses and climbers can be planted now and large clumps of perennials can be lifted and divided.

Cut back ornamental grasses and other perennials to make way for new growth and plant summer-flowering bulbs. If the soil is wet stand on a plank of wood rather than the soil and avoid compacting it.

Removing moss from patioGive the lawn a good rake and remove any winter debris. Trim and neaten the edges then give it a good mow as the weather allows. Deadhead any spring bulbs to encourage new flowers and remember to water those in pots. Mulch borders and flowerbeds once you have cleared weeds and dug them over and remove moss and weeds from drives, paths and terraces.


Paul has his own highly successful landscape design business, and has also designed a range of gardening gifts for Marks and Spencers.

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