Garden featured in episode eight of Love Your Garden

Love Your Garden: Episode Eight

By David Domoney, August 12

Love Your Garden: Episode Eight

Episode eight was a marvellous garden and for such a courageous and loving family. It was a pleasure to work on and there are certain aspects of that garden that are ideal for families to have quiet time for themselves and also to entertain friends and family.

One of the areas that we created was the open fire pit area that had a rustic feel. We made pathways right the way through the garden so the children could explore it with their toys and tractors. This also links all the features together as it winds through the garden.

I loved the central fire pit area. The globe was striking set in the middle and surrounded by Bradstone Smooth Sandstone slabs to complete the circle. It was really effective to nestle the slabs in amongst the gravel to create a natural feel.

It’s a great way to create form in a garden design without having a large patio. It's a really interesting twist on using paving in the garden. This design also means you can combine textures and colours in paving and other hard landscaping.

The trend for fire pits is great to make sure you spend time in the garden on an evening. So often people only use the garden during the day but it's fantastic to see people sitting around a fire pit at night.

I certainly remember when was I kid going to the scout camps when we sat around the camp fire. There is something quite hypnotic about the flames. Kids love it and it brings out the kid in us adults too. Whether you’re using it for BBQs or toasting marshmallows, it's a completely different feeling.

But my favourite part of this garden was the outdoor bar. And why not? Garden buildings are great. They can be easily converted from a basic shed with some basic carpentry. Simply put up a flat bar and add some high stools and you've got an outdoor saloon!

You know, gardens ought to be about entertaining. It's not just about planting up pots – gardens are for spending time in and enjoying the outdoor space. Anything that relates to outdoor living makes the garden a place for parties rather than chores. And who doesn't want that?

It was a delight to work on episode eight. Hopefully it has inspired many people to realise the importance of the garden and the type of memories you can create with your family.


David is a celebrity gardener and broadcaster. A regular face on ITV's Love Your Garden and the resident gardener for ITV's This Morning.

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