Adding depth and texture to your garden

Adding depth and texture to your garden


Did you know that paving only accounts for 20% of the whole garden project? When your garden is initially laid it is a blank canvas, we love revisiting our Assured landscaper gardens once planted. The paved space is really brought to life once the garden is planted and the furniture is in.


A little texture goes a long way in bringing your garden to life and turning it into a warm and welcoming space.

From rustic stone to contemporary paving, incorporating textures into your outdoor space adds depth. Different textures can each bring with them a different ambience, meaning you can create a garden that’s perfect for you and your family.

Paving or walling is the easiest way to bring depth to your garden without overcrowding spaces. Create an open area for a space the whole family will enjoy spending time in and add walling to introduce different heights and create areas for different usage within the space. We created this space using our Old Town paving, with moulds made using the floor of a 19th century Lancashire Cotton Mill it features tooling marks and fettled edges.

Paving in different colour variants lets you experiment and be more flexible with accessories and colour palettes. Height and colour can also be introduced with raised flower beds and different shrubs and trees. Bring in even more textures with different fabrics with the colours you have already introduced into the space in mind and furniture that doesn't over power the space but rather compliments and enhances the paving it sits on.