Creating a functional space using Porcelain tiles

Creating a functional space using Porcelain tiles


Make your outdoor space an extension of your home 

With british summers getting hotter and people reportedly spending more time enjoying time at home, our outdoor space is becoming an extension of our homes. 

We understand that your garden might need to have multiple functions to adapt to all members of the family. We've pulled together our top tips to making your garden a functional as well as beautiful space. 


Get the look

We’ve created this look using our stunning Vetusto paving in Dune. Its characterful ‘lived in’ style is perfect for creating this space.
Creating that homely feeling, outdoors. A perfect place for entertaining the whole family.


Create outdoors rooms

Thinking of your patio space as an additional room you can split the space and various zones to create a place to suit everyones needs. 

Adding rugs will enable you to identify the different zones in your garden, this can also be acheived by using different paving or adding plants or walling to break up the area. Different plant heights can also help to add depth and interest to your space. 



Furnishing your space

It can be just as homely and relaxing as the inside of your home by incorporating lounge seating and dining areas.

You can either create a uniformed look with similar style furniture used across the space or mix it up with different styles  and colours to draw the eye to different areas.