Driveway Design Ideas

Driveway Design Ideas


It used to be that when you had a driveway it was either concrete or tarmac. Nowadays, however, the choice is far greater. As the driveway is the window to your home either a visual impact or a soft toned frontage will invite people in.


Depending upon your personal preference you can have a completely solid, semi planted, contemporary, gravel or maybe a mixture of different surfaces.

A semi planted driveway opens up the way for you to create something entirely individual. By using plants or grass you allow for surface water to be absorbed as well as adding interest.


A completely solid driveway can provide subtle differences to your house. Woburn Rumbled  block paving with its weathered appearance will reflect soft light, the stunningly beautiful Stonemaster will add a dash of driveway style when the three Grey's are mixed together or for a classic look use Driveflair in Brindle. Any of these will give a totally different feel to your frontage and all can be used with complementary edging to give a perfect finish.


Use Monksbridge paving but leave wide strips for planting either grass or low growing plants. Alternatively create a pathway, diagonally, from one side of the driveway to the other, by leaving planting spaces interspersed with pavers.


A contemporary driveway can be achieved using Woburn Original (Graphite) and designing your own pattern using Traditional pavers to lay into it.


Gravel driveways can be boring but if you add wide edging that contrasts the effect can be very attractive. Edging together with Canterbury Spar gravel or Mellow Cotswold gravel with Rustic Rope Top edging also in Cotswold look good together. Gravel can also be interspersed with pavers to allow a solid base for car tyres.


If your driveway is on a slope, try putting steps up the centre. Woburn Rumbled Infilta is ideal for this as it offers a permeable solution and rainwater will filter down to below the paving and the steps will also make it easier to walk up the driveway.


Once you have decided on your driveway and finished its build, add planters of bright flowers or statement plants making sure they don’t look lost. Group them together for a focal point by your door.