Phil From Preistgate With His Daughter

Growing Gardens, Building Legacies: Celebrating Father-Child Partnerships in Landscaping


Father's Day is a special occasion that celebrates the invaluable role that fathers play in our lives. While some dads spend their days in offices or factories, some have the unique opportunity to work side by side with their children, creating beautiful landscapes and nurturing a bond that goes beyond the ordinary. 

In this article, we explore the stories of four family-run Bradstone Assured Installers. Phil Birtwhistle from Priestgate, Paul and Sam from P B Landscapes of Melbourne, Stuart Power, and the father who started it all, all found joy and fulfilment in working alongside their children, creating stunning outdoor spaces, and building memories that will last a lifetime.

Phil and his daughter gardening

Roger, Phil and Flora: Growing Together in the Garden 

Priestgate Garden Specialists Ltd. was established in 1982 by Phil's parents, Mary and Roger Birtwhistle. Phil took over the business in 2010, and his wife now works with him. They manage a crew of 11 landscapers and gardening specialists. Phil's daughter, Flora, is five years old.

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Stuart Power:

Stuart Power has been working with his daughter, George, for three years. George has been helping her father since she was a toddler, and she is now his apprentice and labourer Stuart says that the best part of working with George is "just that, working together."

Stuart Power Assured Installer working with his daughter
Paul and his Mini Me: Building Dreams and Landscapes

Paul Bignall and his son

"Sam, my son, has been working with me since leaving school at 16. He is now 22. I own P B Landscapes of Melbourne, which one day will be Sam's. The favourite thing about working with my son is not only is he my best mate at work and home, but he's also a mini-me." 

Sam's journey with his father in the landscaping business has been nothing short of remarkable. From winning national awards together to constantly learning new skills, Sam has grown into a capable landscaper under his father's guidance. Their shared passion for creating stunning gardens has not only built a successful business but has also deepened the bond between them, making Sam not only his father's colleague but also his best friend.

The Father Who Started It All: A Legacy of Collaboration 

"My dad started the business in 1988, this year we are celebrating our 35th year. I joined my dad when I was 16 but I had helped out in the school holidays before then. At the age of 41, I have been working with my dad for 25 years. My role originally was to labour, and over the years, I became a team leader and then running the landscaping side of the business. I now run the whole business as my dad is pretty much retired. 

The benefits of working together have been communication. We have always been open and honest, and if one of us felt that something could be done better, then we would discuss this and come up with a plan. We are also very good at leaving work behind us at the end of the working day." 

Paul Baker Assured Installer

Working together as a father and child in the landscaping industry brings unique rewards. For Phil Birtwhistle, Sam, Stuart Power and the father who started it all, their shared experiences have allowed them to not only nurture their family legacies but also build strong bonds.

Through open communication, continuous learning, and a love for the craft, these fathers and sons have found joy, fulfilment, and success in working together. 

This Father's Day, let us celebrate these special relationships and acknowledge the beauty that emerges when families come together to create something extraordinary in the world of landscaping.

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