Planning your garden patio transformation

Planning your garden patio transformation


Its an ideal time to mentally think through new projects for spring and planning a usable, luxury patio is certainly one value adding idea.

The easiest way to extend your living space, blurring the boundaries between house and garden is to build a patio. 

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to creating the perfect patio. Careful consideration needs to be given to make use of the space. Will it be a family area, somewhere for entertaining, a quiet private area or somewhere to display a sculpture or beautiful containers spilling over with annual colour?

With any of these think about how much space that actually uses and don’t be afraid to use canes and string to mark in out before committing yourself.

Look at various areas in your garden, taking into account proximity of neighbours, the possible view and how it will fit within the contours of existing planting. Sunlight is an important factor too. Ensure that you are not blinded by the sun! Trellis or tall landscaped plants can be used to provide some shade. If you are going to use lighting (for those balmy summer evenings) ensure that there is an outdoor power supply adjacent.

A patio can incorporate different levels to provide areas of interest. 

A fire pit, a raised border, a water feature will all transform the feel of your space. 

What materials you use underfoot play an important part in not only the cost of your patio but also in how you use it. It is important to get the right shape and size. It needs to be in proportion not only with your house but also with your garden. The right design can make the area appear either larger and spacious or smaller and more intimate.


For a quite rustic feeling, consider using something like Carpet Stones which are easy to lay on sand or compact earth or more traditionally Tuscany which is paving stone. Contemporary paving such as Natural Granite or Stonemaster will add a city slick impact to the garden while decorative stones can be used to create a unique and individual feature within any patio.