Make your garden more sustainable

Make your garden more sustainable

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As a part of Aggregate Industries Sustainability is at the heart of our business, from our values to our vision, and is one of our strategic pillars. Together we aim  to be the UK leader in innovative and sustainable building solutions.

We are committed to improving our impact on the global environment and its people.

We do this first and foremost because we are a responsible business and we care about our people, communities and the planet. However, we also need to adapt to our surroundings and help accelerate the transition to an economy that is Net Zero, circular and protects people, nature and the environment.

If we excel at sustainability we not only support the success of the world we live in, but we also support the success of our clients, customers and partners by achieving our vision.  It starts today with our commitments to build a better tomorrow.

At Bradstone we're commited to providing sustainably - led solutions to our products. And with new innovations in packaging and the launch of our ECO range, our customers are already benefiting from more sustainable choices to help transform their outdoor spaces.


That's why we have introduced our ECO concrete paving range. The same beautiful paving you expect from us, but now we have reduced our carbon footprint by more than 20%. So a typical 30m2 patio offers a carbon footprint saving equivalent to that generated by three mature trees* over a year. 


However, if you’re looking to maximise the reduction in your carbon footprint, you could choose our innovative new Old Town ECO Evolve design that is 35% lower in carbon compared to our previous Old Town product. ECO Evolve is lighter and easier to handle. With its specific laying pattern, it is also faster to lay. The reduced weight means larger quantities can be transported at the same time, helping to further reduce CO2 emissions.

Old Town ECO Evolve paving in Silver-Grey is a traditional product that mirrors natural stone and uses a secondary aggregate in the mix to give it a contemporary colour and unique sparkle. It is available in a 7.2m2 pack and includes 900 x 600 pavers.
Same great quality

For complete peace of mind, all products in our new Bradstone ECO collection have undergone the same rigorous testing as our standard products – so you’re guaranteed the same aesthetics, quality and durability as before but with the added benefit of being kinder on the environment too.