Sustainable Gardening with the ECO Concrete range

Sustainable Gardening with the ECO Concrete range


 Your garden has the power to inspire a greener lifestyle that rewards you and the environment.

We’re talking about growing your own deliciously fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as finding sustainable ways of reusing and repurposing everything from rainwater to reclaimed wood
and composting food waste.

With the help of Diana from @good_life_garden we have pulled together our hints and tips on creating a more sustainable space. 

How does Bradstone fit into a sustainable garden? 

In a sustainable garden, everything has a purpose, from benefitting our environment to creating a beautiful space. We’re proud to provide our ECO range which is a big step forwards in providing products that are 35% lower
in carbon.

"The paving in my garden is the Old Town Eco Evolve Paving, which is absolutely beautiful"


By investing in out ECO Paving range, you're choosing to design your garden from a sustainable foundation. Old Town ECO Evolve offers a beautiful Silver-Grey colour and authentic reclaimed stone look, which looks right at home amongst lush planting and colourful flowers. 



Grow your garden your way


Discover a new hobby
Gardening can be a great way to relax and escape from your day to day life. "You want your garden to be rewarding and relaxing, not overwhelming. If you want to grow something quickly, then go with greens such as lettuce or herbs!"

Get creative!
Use materials from around the house or source reclaimed wood to build your own planters. "Your garden can be very rewarding for a relatively low cost. For example, all my raised beds are made from upcycled wood, that was collected locally."

Grow your own
Turn your hand to growing fresh fruit and vegetables. Go big with carrots and potatoes or small with a little herb patch. There’s nothing like freshly picked to plate! "Grow what you want to eat, your heart won't be in growing something you don't like the taste of. Tomatoes and squash are good versatile foods to start with."


"You don't need a lot of space to grow something green. There's a lot you can grow on a windowsill! Microgreens such as mint, basil, oregano, rosemary grow all year round and go from seed to plate within a week. Alternatively, you can grow pretty much anything in pots too!"


Paving the way
Beautiful stone paving can complement your garden design. The perfect paving can take you on a journey through your garden.



Dianas must-haves in a sustainable garden

Rainwater collection

"I have 4 water butts to collect water. I have two connected to the greenhouse and two connected to the house. It saves money, ensures there's enough to go around for the whole community and it protects the environment"


Perennial Plants

"Perennial plants will grow back year after year. Start with rhubarb plant, asparagus, perennial kale and cauliflower"


Bee-Friendly areas

"Incorporate wildflowes to attract insects and pollinators"