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What is Permeable Block Paving?


Paved driveways are the main staple of homes in the UK, with most wide enough for multiple cars. Another of the most defining features of this country is rain! Unfortunately, using non-porous paving or concrete in your driveway can cause significant ecological issues to your home and street following rainfall. Therefore, permeable paving was introduced to provide a solution but we ask, what is permeable block paving and what can it do for our driveways?

What Is Permeable Paving?

Simply, permeable paving allows water to drain through it. This is achieved by using different materials to traditional construction methods when laying the paving. It’s predominantly used for driveways but can also be used in gardens around your property.

Why Should We Use Permeable Paving?

In most cases in the UK, you won’t be required to seek planning permission to use a permeable surface when constructing a new or replacement driveway so naturally it becomes the default. 

The planning permission laws are in place to give yourselves and your neighbours a favour. Using permeable paving prevents rainwater from running off into the street, your garden or even your property. This effectively helps prevent flooding as less porous surfaces can increase the amount of rainwater runoff by as much as 50 per cent. Street drains and other runoff management systems are in place to help with street flooding however it is best to prevent unnecessary discharge.

It is also advised to use permeable paving as allowing water to soak through your driveway prevents problems with subsidence such as drying out the soil layer and causing it to shrink. A lack of drainage to your soil can cause it to shrink

You’ll also avoid pooling on your driveway which can lead to permanent puddles, stagnant water and hazardous ice during Winter conditions. 

What is Block Paving?

Block paving is one of the most effective styles of paving for creating a beautiful driveway. The main selling point of block paving is the durability of the structure, ideal for a surface which will receive a lot of use. Combined with the permeable construction methods, this is perfect for your space.

What Are The Advantages of Permeable Block Paving?

To summarise the information above, Permeable Block Paving has a host of advantages for your home. These are:

  • Reduces runoff which leads to pooling or even flooding
  • Prevents soil layer problems
  • Stylish
  • Practical
  • Durable
  • Satisfies stringent legislation
  • Easy to maintain

It’s clear that for the purposes of a driveway, permeable block paving has a lot more advantages than disadvantages when considering the environment and long-term use. While total paved driveways can be bland, we recommend allowing some room for flowers and greenery.

How can Bradstone help?

 Bradstone manufactures a wide range of high-quality and practical paving blocks to provide the best of both worlds for your driveway: adhering to UK guidelines & legislation while also matching your chosen aesthetic and style. Look out for our Bradstone Infilta block paving such as the Woburn Rumble Infilta or Driveway Infilta if you’re planning on laying your own permeable block paving. Also, consider our Jointing Aggregate which is designed for jointing Bradstone Infilta block paving to allow permeability.

If you want high-quality permeable block paving to improve your home and landscape driveway, your local Bradstone stockist can help. Please click here to find yours. Alternatively, visit our great products to order up to three free samples today!