Philosophical thoughts for a BBQ favourite

By Paul Hervey-Brookes, June 12

Philosophical thoughts for a BBQ favourite

Aside from setting the perfect BBQ patio backdrop, the Italians have an unusual legend about Rosemary...

It concerns a queen walking and weeping in her garden. As she paused before a Rosemary bush covered in prolific new growth and shoots, she wished to be just as fruitful.

Shortly thereafter, she gave birth to a small Rosemary plant that she nurtured and loved.

Her nephew, the king of Spain, stole the plant and fed it goat's milk.

In his garden, one day, a beautiful girl burst from the plant and he fell deeply in love. Called away to war, he ordered all care to be given to the plant but no music to be played near it.

The gardener forgot and one evening played his flute...the girl appeared but the king's sisters beat her and she disappeared. The plant wilted and the gardener ran away to the forest where he found a dragon.

The dragon told him that the plant would only revive if watered with his blood, whereupon the gardener slew the dragon, took his blood and revived the plant.

The beautiful girl reappeared, the king returned and married his lovely Rosa Marina.

Top Rosemaries for most gardens

Rosmarinus ‘Miss Jessopp’s Upright’
Rosmarinus ‘Prostratus’

If you have any beautiful imagery of your own Rosemaries, send them in to us...we'd love to see!


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