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Seasonal gardening advice for June

By Paul Hervey-Brookes, June 16

Seasonal gardening advice for June

As June is the month with the longest day, the extra light and warm weather will encourage the garden to produce exuberant plant growth of lush green foliage and brightly coloured flowers.

It also means that weeds will spring from nowhere and you will need to regularly hoe plant beds and borders to keep them at bay. Do this on a warm day and leave the weeds to die in the sun. Planters can now be placed outside along with hanging baskets in sunny spots. Summer bedding can be planted now that the risk of frost has disappeared. This brings another essential job in the form of deadheading. This encourages new flower growth.

As this month is usually dry, discreetly place containers to catch any rain that may fall and reuse "grey" water from the house.

It is essential to water once a week, at least. Hanging baskets and containers need to be watered daily and larger trees and shrubs will benefit from a hose left trickling for an hour or so to really soak the roots.

Stake tall plants to prevent them blowing over in the wind and flopping. Foliage from Spring bulbs can be removed as it will have died off by now and plants such as Primrose, Aubrietia and Arabis can be lifted and divided. Roses require fertilising on a monthly basis through the summer months and climbing roses pruned back after blooming. Hardy geraniums, oriental poppies and Heucheras can be cut back to encourage fresh foliage and flowers. Protect Hostas and other tender plants from slugs using beer traps, crushed egg shells or used coffee grounds.

Make sure the greenhouse is shaded and kept cool to prevent scorching. Ornamental Kale and Flowering Cabbage seeds can be sown now ready to produce colourful plants during Autumn and Winter. Also,in preparation for Autumn, fences, sheds and decking can given a coat of colour/preservative.

Walk round your garden daily to see everything growing, then sit and enjoy!


Paul has his own highly successful landscape design business, and has also designed a range of gardening gifts for Marks and Spencers.

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