Wipe Away Winter: Five Top Tips for Spring Cleaning in Your Garden

By The Secret Gardener


Spring cleaning is a long-standing tradition whereby home owners across the country refresh their homes after the winter months. It is the big, deep clean which many homes go through on an annual basis, setting us up with a refreshed place to live - and often providing us with a clearer mind.

It’s important not to forget the garden whilst going about your spring clean. After all, this area of the home is most affected by wintry weather. Thus, taking the time to freshen it up before the sun arrives will pay dividends when you’re sitting out in warmer months, enjoying your outdoor space.

Paving manufacturer, Bradstone, offers its top tips on how to give your garden its well-deserved spring clean.


  • Remove any signs of winter – the first step in spring cleaning your garden is to get rid of any remnants of winter. Start by collecting up leaves which have settled in your plant beds and lawn, and remove any annual plants that won’t re-grow. Next, prune and cut back any long-standing perennials – many herbaceous perennials will die back to the ground during winter, and so will need to be pruned right back. 
  • Get rid of weeds and freshen your compost – as well as removing any dead plants, you also need to make sure you pull out any weeds (at the root) which could cause problems for your flowers, or simply look a bit unsightly. Before freshening up your compost, make sure you remove any winter mulch which protected your plants through the colder months.
  • Plant something new – If you’ve had to remove plants which didn’t make it through the harsh winter, or have some extra planting space, then why not add some new blooms? Spring and summer are renowned for being bright and colourful, so look at what flowers are suitable for springtime planting. 
  • Clean your patio – Whilst plants and lawns are affected by the dank and cold weather, so too is your patio. Often the place in the garden that sees the most footfall during the winter months, it’s important that your patio forms part of your garden spring cleaning routine. Give your patio a once over with a stiff brush, and make sure to pick up and clean under any pots which can leave marks on your paving. Try to avoid using pressure washers, as these may damage the pavers.
  • Bring out your seating and dining sets – After all your spring cleaning and tidying, you then need to actually enjoy your new revitalised garden, whether that’s dining alfresco or setting up an outdoor home cinema for the family. Bring out and uncover any garden furniture which may have been hidden away over the winter months, giving them a good clean with warm soapy water to remove any cobwebs.


And with that you’re ready to make some more wonderful memories in your garden this year.

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