Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving

BradDrive Cobblestone ECO gives you an authentic rustic effect, with a lower carbon footprint. An improved, sustainable product giving more than a 20% carbon reduction compared to the previous version of the product. With five different sizes you can create your own unique driveway. The Grey jointing compound is included as part of the system, so your cobbles can be laid in a random pattern, a single colour or a mixture of colours for a more striking style. 

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  • Joint Width: Butt
  • Thickness: 60mm
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Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
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Product Information


Braddrive Cobblestone Eco driveway paving by Bradstone is an innovative and environmentally friendly paving solution designed to combine classic aesthetics with modern sustainability. These cobblestone pavers mimic the timeless appeal of traditional cobblestone driveways, featuring a variety of natural colours and textures that add charm and character to any property. The eco-friendly design integrates sustainable practices, making it an ideal choice for environmentally conscious homeowners.

Durability is another key advantage. Made from high-quality concrete, Braddrive Cobblestone Eco pavers are built to withstand the heavy loads and wear typical of driveways. Their robust construction ensures long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance, providing a cost-effective paving solution.

Combining traditional beauty with modern environmental benefits, Braddrive Cobblestone Eco driveway paving by Bradstone is an excellent choice for those looking to enhance their driveway with a sustainable, durable, and attractive solution.


Useful Information

Block paving

Colour variations can occur within packs, therefore:
Ensure your sample and blocks are from the same factory. Block paving should be ordered from the same batch number to avoid colour variation. Do not mix blocks from different factories. Bradstone cannot accept responsibility once blocks are laid from different batches.

The responsibility of ensuring this is correct lies with the landscaper. Best results are achieved through mixing from 3 to 5 different packs and from vertical columns rather than horizontal rows.

We recommend a neoprene faced or rubber sole plate on vibrating plate compactors to reduce scuffing (specifically on our Stonemaster, Braddrive Cobblestone ECO and
Woburn Original ranges). Light colours are susceptible to staining and care should be given when selecting blocks for driveways.

Differential Weathering

Differential weathering can cause patchy dark discolourations on the surface of individual units. Again this will generally diminish over time and will not affect long term
performance. This is due to differential weathering where the surface of the paving has cured at different rates. All decorative products will weather and change appearance
over time.



Efflorescence can appear on all paving products as white patches or a lightening of the surface colour, but seems to disappear when wet.
It is formed by a normal chemical reaction which causes calcium hydroxide (lime) to migrate through the damp paving surface and then react with carbon dioxide in the atmosphere resulting in a deposit of calcium carbonate crystals. Efflorescence is very unpredictable in its occurrence and can happen at any time of the year but is more prevalent in winter.

Although there are cleaners available, efflorescence is a natural phenomenon and will generally disappear with the natural weathering process and the passage of time. It does not compromise the integrity of the paving. Aggregate Industries cannot accept responsibility for the effect of efflorescence which can be a characteristic of all good quality products with a high cement content.

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Technical Information

Product Type Size Colours Units per Pack Pack Weight m2/Pack Units per m2
Block Paving Mixed Size Grey 240 710 6.16 N/A
Block Paving Mixed Size Brown 240 710 6.16 N/A
Block Paving Mixed Size Anthracite 240 710 6.16 n/a

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