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Bradstone products are proudly manufactured in the UK; renowned for their high quality, craftsmanship, and adherence to regulatory standards. Choosing UK-manufactured goods supports local industries, promotes sustainability, and ensures superior product reliability. As a manufacturer we are increasingly adopting eco-friendly materials and processes, to lower our carbon footprint. Furthermore, with products being manufactured in the UK, our customers benefit from shorter, more reliable supply chains. This local production minimises disruptions caused by global events, ensuring a consistent supply of goods. Consumers and businesses alike can rely on the timely availability of our products..

Find your 65 years outdoor styleFind your 65 years outdoor style


65 Years of outdoor style experience

Looking for garden design trends to refresh your patio? Stay ahead of the curve with the hottest garden trends and colourful patio ideas in 2024!

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Transform your outdoor spaces with our handy paving visualiser. Our visualiser will help you to see our products in your outdoor spaces and offer you peace of mind.