Driveway Block Paving

Create the perfect first impression with block paving for your driveway that's as aesthetically pleasing as it is practical. We offer a wide selection of options to enhance your home's appearance. Whether you're looking for black, charcoal or grey block paving slabs or edging blocks for your driveway, we've got what you need for your next project.

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  1. Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
    Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
  2. StoneMaster Block Paving
    StoneMaster Block Paving
  3. Woburn Rumbled Block Paving
    Woburn Rumbled Block Paving
  4. Woburn Original Block Paving
    Woburn Original Block Paving
  5. Monksbridge Block Paving
    Monksbridge Block Paving
  6. Lumley Cobble Block Paving
    Lumley Cobble Block Paving
  7. Woburn Rumbled Infilta Block Paving
    Woburn Rumbled Infilta Block Paving
  8. Driveway Block Paving
    Driveway Block Paving
  9. Driveway Infilta Block Paving
    Driveway Infilta Block Paving
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Showing 9 of 9 products

Transform Your Driveway with Durable Elegance

Browse our range of stone, cobble and ECO block paving bricks below. Need help choosing the right ones? Compare up to three products using our helpful tool or speak to our experts by calling 0113 537 2222 or using our live chat.


Frequently asked Questions on Driveways

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What is Bradstone driveway paving, and what are its benefits?

    Bradstone driveway paving refers to a range of high-quality paving stones designed for creating durable, aesthetically pleasing driveways. The benefits of Bradstone driveway paving include:

    Durability: Made from robust materials that withstand heavy traffic and weather conditions.

    Variety: Available in various colors, textures, and styles to suit different design preferences.

    Low Maintenance: Requires minimal upkeep compared to other paving options.

    Eco-friendly Options: Some Bradstone products are made from recycled materials, contributing to sustainability.

  • How do I choose the right Bradstone paving for my driveway?

    Choosing the right Bradstone paving involves considering several factors:

    Traffic Load: Ensure the pavers can handle the expected vehicle weight.

    Aesthetics: Select a style and color that complements your home's exterior and landscape.

    Climate: Opt for pavers with suitable resistance to your area's weather conditions (e.g., freeze-thaw cycles).

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