Black and Dark Grey Block Paving

Whether you are looking to upgrade your driveway, patio, or outdoor area, our large selection of black and dark grey block paving offers the perfect combination of sophistication and durability. Our range includes concrete paving slabs and edging blocks in several finishes, manufactured using the highest quality materials.

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  1. Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
    Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
  2. Driveway Infilta Block Paving
    Driveway Infilta Block Paving
  3. Driveway Block Paving
    Driveway Block Paving
  4. Lumley Cobble Block Paving
    Lumley Cobble Block Paving
  5. Monksbridge Block Paving
    Monksbridge Block Paving
  6. Woburn Original Block Paving
    Woburn Original Block Paving
  7. Woburn Rumbled Infilta Block Paving
    Woburn Rumbled Infilta Block Paving
  8. Woburn Rumbled Block Paving
    Woburn Rumbled Block Paving
  9. StoneMaster Block Paving
    StoneMaster Block Paving
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Showing 9 of 9 products

Pave the Way to Sustainability – Permeable Driveway Paving Solutions

Our black and dark grey block paving bricks exude a classic but contemporary look that complements a range of building styles. Their sleek and refined appearance will make your home stand out for its pure elegance.

Expertly crafted, our black driveway blocks are designed to be durable. You can rest assured our block paving is highly resistant to weathering, fading and heavy foot traffic. 

As well as being visually pleasing, our dark grey paving stones are practical. They are low-maintenance making them an ideal choice for busy homeowners, so you can enjoy their pristine appearance with minimal effort.



Frequently asked Questions on Black and grey block paving

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What type of black and grey block paving do you sell?

    We sell a wide range of shapes, sizes and textures to help you achieve a bespoke outdoor space that is tailored to your design preferences. 

    Our StoneMaster block paving comes in three shades of grey and acts as a realistic substitute for natural granite. You can order this product in mixed-size packs or choose the contemporary 300x100mm single size for your project.

    Alternatively, our Infilta block paving is a superb option for your driveway. Both stylish and lasting, the blocks can be laid as part of a permeable solution that acts as a drainage system. For advice on how to lay permeable block paving, check out our useful guide.

  • Why buy black and dark grey paving stones from Bradstone?

    With 65 years in the industry, we know what it takes to meet our customers' landscaping needs. And don't just use us for our impressive range of dark grey block paving, there are a few more reasons why you should consider us too:

    Bradstone Assured Guarantee: The majority of projects installed by one of our Assured Landscapers come with the Bradstone Assured Guarantee. Terms and conditions apply.

    Made in the UK: Almost all our concrete products are manufactured in Britain so buying with Bradstone means you're supporting local suppliers. Our imported products are thoroughly tested to ensure they meet our high standards.

    Free samples: Our sample service allows you to get a look and feel of our paving products ahead of purchase. Order today to get your three samples at no cost.

  • How does black and grey block paving by Bradstone compare to other color options in terms of durability and longevity?

    Black and grey block paving by Bradstone offers the same durability and longevity as other color options in their range. Each paving product is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including heavy foot traffic and exposure to the elements. With proper installation and maintenance, black and grey block paving by Bradstone can provide years of reliable performance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Are there any special maintenance requirements for black and grey block paving by Bradstone?

    Black and grey block paving by Bradstone typically require regular maintenance to keep them looking their best. This includes sweeping to remove debris, occasional washing with a mild detergent and water, and resealing every few years to protect the surface from stains and weathering. Additionally, keeping the joints between the blocks filled with sand or jointing compound helps to prevent weed growth and maintain the structural integrity of the paving.

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