Brown Block Paving

Add rustic charm to your driveway with our fantastic selection of light and dark brown block paving. Available in a range of shades and sizes, our products are manufactured using the highest-quality concrete and strict standards.

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  1. Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
    Braddrive Cobblestone ECO Driveway Block Paving
  2. Driveway Infilta Block Paving
    Driveway Infilta Block Paving
  3. Driveway Block Paving
    Driveway Block Paving
  4. Monksbridge Block Paving
    Monksbridge Block Paving
  5. Woburn Original Block Paving
    Woburn Original Block Paving
  6. Woburn Rumbled Block Paving
    Woburn Rumbled Block Paving
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Showing 6 of 6 products

Elevate Your Landscape with Natural Elegance – Brown Block Paving by Bradstone

Our brown paving blocks are a brilliant way to upgrade your outdoor space. If you're looking for an authentic style to match a rural property with luscious, leafy gardens, brown could be the perfect fit.

More than just a stylish addition, our dark brown block paving is long-lasting and practical. Since a brown driveway is less likely to show scuffs or dirt, it's also a perfect choice for homeowners with busy routines! Plus, when you choose a Bradstone Assured Installer, you'll get a 10-year guarantee on your paving.

Earthy and inviting, these natural tones make brown paving blocks ideal for family homes. You can also rest assured that all our paving is highly durable and ready to withstand heavy footfall and harsh weather conditions. But brown tones give that extra homely feel, drawing attention to your favourite features surrounding your home and garden.


Frequently asked Questions on Brown block paving

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • Which brown block paving bricks do you sell?

    We provide a great selection of brown block paving to suit an array of property styles and requirements. Whether you're looking for something symmetrical or would prefer an unexpected pattern, all our paving bricks are robust and high-performing.

    Our classic brown concrete pavers are available in various shades, designed to offer extra durability with all the charm of natural stone. However, you can make a strong first impression with specialised options like our Woburn Rumbled block paving, perfect for adding texture and vibrancy to your home.

    We also offer classic driveway block paving in various colours and sizes, with light and dark brown shades to choose from. As one of our more affordable options, it combines excellent durability and practicality with unmatched value.

  • Why buy dark brown block paving from Bradstone?

    We're proud of our reputation as a trusted supplier of quality paving products.

    We've been in the industry for 65 years and we've built an extensive collection of premium block paving in brown and so many more colours, styles and sizes. Here are just a few more reasons to choose Bradstone:

    Made in Britain: When you order driveway paving from Bradstone, you can rest assured that you're supporting local trade. The majority of our concrete products are proudly manufactured in Britain. If we import a product, it undergoes very strict checks first.

    Responsibly sourced: We only import concrete products from suppliers who share our social responsibility. We always operate according to the Ethical Trading Initiative Code.

    Try before you buy: You don't need to commit to the whole driveway. Check out our free sample service and get a feel for your new brown paving blocks first. Order up to three samples, free of charge.

  • How does brown driveway paving by Bradstone compare to other color options in terms of durability and longevity?

    Bradstone's brown driveway paving offers the same durability and longevity as other color options in their range. Each paving product is designed to withstand the rigors of outdoor use, including heavy vehicle traffic and exposure to the elements. With proper installation and maintenance, brown driveway paving by Bradstone can provide years of reliable performance and aesthetic appeal.

  • Can I customize the shade of brown for my driveway paving with Bradstone?

    While Bradstone offers a range of brown driveway paving options, customization of specific shades may be limited. However, customers can explore different styles and finishes within the brown color range to find the closest match to their desired shade. Additionally, consulting with a Bradstone representative or contractor may provide insights into any available customization options or recommendations for achieving the desired aesthetic for their driveway.

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