Building a better tomorrow Ethical Sourcing

At Bradstone we are aware of our social responsibilities in trading with organisations around the world. In this light we support the principles of the ETI Code of Practice.

Our Commitment to Ethically Sourced Materials

Bradstone is part of Holcim a leading supplier to the construction and infrastructure industries globally. We produce and supply a wide rangeof construction materials and solutions including aggregates, recycled and secondaryaggregates, cementitious materials, asphalt, ready-mixed and precast concrete products. We also transport waste materials as a part of our delivery process and operation, and are amajor provider of road surfacing and civil engineering. Our policy and Supplier Code of Conduct is part of our supplier selection process and is applicable across all countries, and ensures that we fulfil our obligations and responsibilities. As a minimum this shall include suppliers’ compliance to local laws and to internationally recognised minimum standards.

We will ensure that all our suppliers meet the full requirements of our policy:

Employees are given equal opportunities, wages are paid in accordance with local laws to maintain a standard of living

Child labour is not used

Hours of working and working conditions are maintained to a safe standard.

No employment shall be bonded nor forced, with the rights to collective bargaining and freedom of association respected Intimidation by violence, threat, abuse or physical discipline shall not occur

Employment provided shall be subject to conditions of local laws

We shall encourage our suppliers to embrace a policy of continuous improvement beyond minimum standards

We will support our suppliers to ensure compliance, and develop best practice in order to maintain long-term benefits for all parties.

This policy will be implemented and performance will be monitored against the ETI Code of Practice through audits by Aggregate Industries management and through independent, external audits. Deliberate and persistent failure to comply with this policy and the code of practice could result in a breach of contract and result in the cessation of trading. This policy will be reviewed annually to ensure it is appropriate for the business.


Frequently asked Questions on natural stone paving

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What Paving samples can I get?

    You can get samples for most of our paving products to help you find the right option for your project. Our free paving samples are available for the following:

    • Porcelain – A stylish option that offers longevity and excellent aesthetics.
    • Concrete – Suitable for gardens, patios and driveways, concrete is hard-wearing and available in multiple styles and colours.
    • Natural stone – Go au naturel and add quality and beauty to your outdoor spaces.
    • Block – Ideal for creating a flawless driveway that's durable and practical. Block is available in various materials such as stone and cobble.
    • ECO – Our ECO slabs and blocks are great if you want a sustainable option that doesn't sacrifice quality. 
  • How can I order block and slab patio paving samples?

    We've made it straightforward to get free paving samples online. Click on the product, select your colour and find the 'order your sample' section beneath the product information. Add it to your cart and follow our simple checkout process.

    We aim to deliver stone patio paving samples within five working days.

  • How can I find a stockist?

    We have local suppliers and national brands that stock Bradstone products, so you can find a stockist near you. Once you're happy with the paving sample, you can order the full supply from one of our stockists..

  • Why should I order free paving samples from Bradstone?

    We have high-quality paving samples available. Here are reasons why you should order them from us:

    • Manufactured in Britain: Most slabs are made in the UK, so you're getting the best British paving samples. Some materials are imported, but we thoroughly check them to ensure they meet our high standards.
    • Bradstone Assured Guarantee: Our materials offer unrivalled quality and ordering a paving sample gives you a good idea of what your outdoor space could look like. If you like your sample and order the full product, you'll get our Bradstone Assured Guarantee when you use an Assured Landscaper to do the work.
    • Ethically sourced materials: All our paving samples are sourced in line with the Ethical Trading Code of Practice. We've also reduced the carbon footprint of our ECO range to make our products more sustainable.
    • Local and big-name stockists: We have national coverage of stockists in the UK. You can find our products in local and big-name retailers, so it should be straightforward to find a reputable supplier once you're happy with the paving sample.

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Transform your outdoor spaces with our handy paving visualiser. Our visualiser will help you to see our products in your outdoor spaces and offer you peace of mind. 

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