Bradstone Assured Completion Card

At Bradstone we are so confident in the quality of our patio and driveway products that we are delighted to offer :

 • A 10 year guarantee on our products installed by our accredited Bradstone Assured Installer 

• A 5 year guarantee on the Installer’s workmanship in the installation of our products

• A 1 year guarantee on all pointing material used by the Installer


Bradstone Installer Image


How to claim your guarantee

 This guarantee will only take effect when the following conditions have been fulfilled:

• The project has been fully completed and all works have been finished by the Installer

• The customer has paid the Installer in full for the final installed value of the works and products

• The customer has completed and signed the Project Completion Card, fully and accurately and returned it to Bradstone at the address in paragraph 13 by no later than 28 days after the completion of the project. You can obtain a Project Completion Card from the Installer or by downloading your copy here

• We have issued the guarantee certificate to the customer. The guarantee period will start from the project completion date. Failure to comply with this process in full may mean that the products and services are not eligible for cover under the guarantee. 

•  If a party knowingly provides false or inaccurate information on the Project Completion Card, the guarantee will become immediately and irrevocably invalid.

Assured Installer discussing with customer

How to make a claim

If a defect occurs that is covered by the guarantee, full written details must be submitted to the Bradstone Assured office and am acknowledgement will be given within 30 working days of receipt.

Bradstone Assured, Aggregate Industries, Smith Hall Lane, Hulland Ward, Derbyshire DE6 3ET T: 01335 372 228 E: Any delays in reporting a potential defect may affect the claim and the liability of Bradstone and the Installer.

For more information please see the full terms and conditions.