1200 x 600 Paving Slabs

Planning to create a large outdoor living space or looking to enlarge the appearance of a small one? Browse the Bradstone selection of 1200 x 600 paving slabs to find fantastic options for your project, whether you want warm and rustic or cool and contemporary. 

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1200 x 600 paving slabs

We offer an extensive range of 1200 x 600  porcelain paving slabs ,known for their durability and sleek finish, perfect for contemporary outdoor spaces


Frequently asked Questions on natural stone paving

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • Why choose 1200 x 600 paving slabs for your garden?

    Add elegance to large spaces with 1200 x 600 paving slabs. These vast expanses of stone allow for designs with minimal interrupting joints, ensuring a smooth and seamless finish that shows off the size of your garden and improves the flow of your space. 

    When placed well, 1200 x 600 slabs also have the power to make small patio areas seem bigger. Paving with flagstones in light, neutral colours like our Tatra Porcelain Paving in grey or beige will emphasise this effect. 

    Reducing the amount of detailing in the flooring allows other aspects of your garden to come to the fore, making your flowers and furnishings the stars of the show. Slabs of this size have a contemporary feel, so are especially impactful when set against furniture in sleek modern styles.

  • What types of 1200 x 600 paving slabs do you sell?

    We have several types of paving slabs in our 1200 x 600 collection, including popular porcelain, so you can tailor your garden transformation to your dream vision.

    Stick with porcelain paving products if you want aesthetically pleasing thin tiles in the 1200 x 600 category. This material is strong and dense, so the thickness can be kept to a minimal 20mm. Concrete, meanwhile, needs to be thickened if used for larger slabs. Opting for shallow porcelain tiles also makes it easy to blend your outdoor and indoor living spaces. 

    If you're aiming to achieve a more rustic design, explore our 1200 x 600natural stone paving slabs. Many homeowners favour Indian sandstone because of its durability and distinct beauty. Each slab is a unique shade, and you can choose between smooth and textured surfaces.

  • Why buy 1200 x 600 paving slabs from Bradstone?

    With 65 years in the business, we understand what you need to perfect your garden renovation projects. Discover other reasons to buy from Bradstone, beyond our exceptional product selection: 

    • Manufactured in Britain: By buying from Bradstone, you're investing in a homegrown business. Most of our concrete products are manufactured in the UK and our imported materials are thoroughly assessed to ensure they're up to our standards.
    • Responsible sourcing: All our natural stones are sourced in line with the Ethical Trading Initiative Code. In addition, we only work with international suppliers who share our principles of social responsibility
    • Order free samples: Utilise our sample service to see 1200 x 600 paving slabs in your space, helping you make your final decision. You can order up to three samples free of charge.
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