Dark grey and black Paving slabs

Add drama to your garden with dark grey and black slabs from Bradstone. Choose between consistent concrete, natural stone and polished porcelain in a variety of shades.

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  1. Peak Riven Utility Paving
    Peak Riven Utility Paving
  2. Old Town ECO Concrete Paving
    Old Town ECO Concrete Paving
  3. Textured Concrete Paving
    Textured Concrete Paving
  4. Aged Riven ECO concrete paving in dark grey in a garden setting by Bradstone
    Aged Riven ECO Concrete Paving
  5. Natural Limestone Paving
    Natural Limestone Paving
  6. Fiero Porcelain Paving
    Fiero Porcelain Paving
  7. Stellare Porcelain Paving
    Stellare Porcelain Paving
  8. Vala Porcelain Paving
    Vala Porcelain Paving
  9. Fooria Porcelain Paving
    Fooria Porcelain Paving
  10. Mahina Concrete Paving
    Mahina Concrete Paving
  11. Panache Ground Concrete Paving
    Panache Ground Concrete Paving
  12. StoneMaster Concrete Paving
    StoneMaster Concrete Paving
  13. Metallics Porcelain Paving
    Metallics Porcelain Paving
  14. Carpet Stones Concrete Paving
    Carpet Stones Concrete Paving
  15. Drava Porcelain Paving
    Drava Porcelain Paving
  16. Tatra Porcelain Paving
    Tatra Porcelain Paving
  17. Mode Profiled Porcelain Paving
    Mode Profiled Porcelain Paving
  18. Rock Porcelain Paving
    Rock Porcelain Paving
  19. Serameno Porcelain Paving
    Serameno Porcelain Paving
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Showing 19 of 19 products

Dark grey and black patio slabs for your garden

If you're looking to create an outdoor space with a modern feel, opt for dark grey or black patio slabs. These attention-grabbing colours contrast with the rest of your garden for a striking and sophisticated finish and help to highlight individual elements of your space.

Black and dark grey paving complements contemporary garden furniture such as sleek metal sets and boxy L-shaped sofas. Decorating with cushions in a deeper or lighter shade is a subtle way to add depth; alternatively, you can lift the space with colours in a corresponding palette.

One of the major benefits of grey or black slabs for your garden is that they're low-maintenance. Dark paving doesn't show stains, so it'll stay looking as good as new with minimum input from you.



Frequently asked Questions on Dark grey and black garden paving slabs

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What types of dark grey and black garden slabs do you sell?

    We stock a wide range of patio slabs at Bradstone, including plenty of black and dark grey options.

    Prioritise practicality with granite or slate garden slabs. These natural stones have a high density so are hard-wearing, more resistant to stains and able to withstand UK weather conditions and climate. They're as attractive as they are durable, too: granite ranges from silver-grey to charcoal with sparkly flecks while slate has a stunning blue-black hue.

    We also stock blue-black limestone patio slabs in beautiful unique shades with distinctive natural veining. This will naturally fade to mid-grey but its original colour is easily restored with treating products.

    For uniformity, choose concrete dark grey patio slabs or black porcelain tiles. Experiment with different textures to achieve your desired effect: concrete can be smooth such as our Panache Ground Concrete Paving or weathered like our Aged Riven ECO Concrete Paving, while porcelain is perfectly polished.

  • Why buy dark grey and black patio slabs from Bradstone?

    We have an extensive selection of dark grey and black paving options available but our selection of slabs is just one of the reasons to buy from Bradstone:

    Try before you buy: Take advantage of our sample service to assess the look and feel of our different paving slabs ahead of purchase. Order today to get three samples for free.

    Made in Britain: The bulk of our concrete products are made in the UK, so to buy with Bradstone is to support local suppliers. Our imported materials such as Indian sandstone undergo rigorous tests to ensure they meet our high standards.

    Quality guaranteed: We offer the Bradstone Assured Guarantee on almost all projects installed by one of our Assured Landscapers. Terms & conditions apply.

  • How do I maintain dark grey and black patio paving?

    Regular sweeping to remove dirt and debris is essential to maintain the paving's appearance. For deeper cleaning, use a mild detergent and water or a pressure washer. Applying a sealant every few years will help protect the color and surface from fading and wear, ensuring your patio remains striking and durable.

  • What are the benefits of choosing dark grey or black patio paving for my outdoor space?

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