Light grey and white garden paving slabs

Create space – or at least the illusion of it – with light grey and white garden slabs by Bradstone. From concrete pavers to porcelain patio tiles, you'll find what you need in our vast selection.

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  1. Peak Riven Utility Paving
    Peak Riven Utility Paving
  2. Blended Natural Sandstone Paving
    Blended Natural Sandstone Paving
  3. Stellare Porcelain Paving
    Stellare Porcelain Paving
  4. Edale Eco Concrete Paving
    Edale Eco Concrete Paving
  5. Textured Concrete Paving
    Textured Concrete Paving
  6. Ashbourne ECO Concrete Paving
    Ashbourne ECO Concrete Paving
  7. Natural Sandstone
    Natural Sandstone
  8. Natural Granite Paving
    Natural Granite Paving
  9. Old Riven ECO Concrete Paving
    Old Riven ECO Concrete Paving
  10. Fiero Porcelain Paving
    Fiero Porcelain Paving
  11. Vala Porcelain Paving
    Vala Porcelain Paving
  12. Fooria Porcelain Paving
    Fooria Porcelain Paving
  13. Mahina Concrete Paving
    Mahina Concrete Paving
  14. Panache Ground Concrete Paving
    Panache Ground Concrete Paving
  15. Raptura Porcelain Paving
    Raptura Porcelain Paving
  16. StoneMaster Concrete Paving
    StoneMaster Concrete Paving
  17. Falona Porcelain Paving
    Falona Porcelain Paving
  18. Upland Porcelain Paving
    Upland Porcelain Paving
  19. Drava Porcelain Paving
    Drava Porcelain Paving
  20. Tatra Porcelain Paving
    Tatra Porcelain Paving
  21. Stylus Porcelain Paving
    Stylus Porcelain Paving
  22. Mode Profiled Porcelain Paving
    Mode Profiled Porcelain Paving
  23. Romeli Porcelain Paving
    Romeli Porcelain Paving
  24. Old Town ECO Evolve concrete paving used under beautiful garden greenhouse
    Old Town ECO Evolve Concrete Paving
  25. Serameno Porcelain Paving
    Serameno Porcelain Paving
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Showing 25 of 25 products

Choose white and light grey patio slabs for your garden

Searching for versatile garden paving? The neutrality of white and light grey slabs means they will work in almost any space, creating cohesion with other design elements from furniture to plants. Their fresh, clean aesthetic can complement various styles too, from chic contemporary to traditional farmhouse.

Opting for white or light grey patio slabs is practical in other ways as well. Unlike darker paving, they won't fade over time so you can be sure of their longevity. White slabs also reflect heat, helping to keep sun-trap garden seating areas cool and comfortable in summer.

Remember that light colours can be used to make a statement rather than blend in. Set white and light grey slabs against darker paving and garden furniture for impactful results. You can also play around with the perception of size and style by focusing on texture and laying patterns. Expand your space in the mind's eye with large white patio slabs or make flooring a feature with small light grey stones in a staggered setting.



Frequently asked Questions on light grey and white paving

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What types of light grey and white garden slabs do you sell?

    Explore our wide selection of light grey and white slabs in materials suited to outdoor spaces.

    Porcelain is a popular option for paving the patio because of its sleek and sophisticated finish. Choose between various light grey shades including the delicate Upland Ash, striped Stylus and silvery Rock Porcelain Paving. We also stock white porcelain patio slabs such as Fooria and Rapture Ivory.

    Concrete is a cost-effective alternative available in similar smooth styles and coarse varieties. Try our Edale Eco Concrete Paving and Textured Concrete Paving in grey.

    For a seamless finish, feature our Natural Sandstone in silver grey. The weathered effect irregularity helps the tiles blend in with the rest of the garden.

  • Why buy white and light grey patio slabs from Bradstone?

    With 65 years in the business, we know garden paving and stock the products you need to achieve attractive, long-lasting results. Discover other reasons to buy from Bradstone, beyond our exceptional product selection:

    Manufactured in Britain: By buying from Bradstone, you're investing in a homegrown business, and most of our concrete products are manufactured in the UK. Our imported materials are thoroughly assessed prior to sale to ensure they're up to our standards.

    Responsible sourcing: All our natural stones are ethically sourced in line with the Ethical Trading Code of Practice. In addition, we only work with international suppliers who share our principles of social responsibility.

    Order free samples: Utilise our sample service to see white and light grey slabs in your garden to help you make your decision. You can order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What are the advantages of choosing light grey or white patio paving for my outdoor space?

    Light grey and white patio paving creates a bright, airy, and spacious feel in your outdoor area. These colors can reflect sunlight, making the space appear larger and more inviting. They also provide a neutral backdrop that complements various styles of furniture and garden decor.

  • How do I maintain light grey and white patio paving?

    To keep your light grey or white patio paving looking its best, regularly sweep away dirt and debris. For a deeper clean, use a mild detergent and water or a pressure washer. Applying a sealant can help prevent stains and protect the surface from the elements, ensuring your patio remains fresh and attractive.

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