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Liven up your garden patio with 600 x 300 paving slabs from Bradstone. Our comprehensive collection includes concrete, porcelain and natural stone paving slabs in a choice of colours and finishes to suit every space. We only sell the best brands so you can trust us for quality products.

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    Old Town ECO Concrete Paving
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600 x 300 paving slabs

We offer an extensive range of 600 x 300  porcelain paving slabs ,known for their durability and sleek finish, perfect for contemporary outdoor spaces


Frequently asked Questions on 600 x 300 Paving Slabs

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • Why choose 600 x 300 paving slabs for your garden?

    If you want to add visual interest to your patio, 600 x 300 paving slabs are a great option. Relatively small and slender, these 2:1 rectangles run in a regularly repeating pattern when laid. This will give your outdoor floor space character – an effortless way to draw the eye.

    Beware of using 600 x 300 slabs if your patio is large, as the frequent joints can make spaces look too busy. You could mix and match different sizes to create zones instead, with smaller slabs along the border.

  • What types of 600 x 300 paving slabs do you sell?

    We sell several types of paving slabs in the 600 x 300 size category. Each material has unique characteristics and individual visual appeal, so finding the right slabs depends on your preferences.

    Concrete is a popular paving material with homeowners. Durable, easy to maintain and good value, it's available in a variety of colours and textures. Our StoneMaster Concrete Paving600 x 300 slabs are a great example, sold in three shades of grey which replicate natural granite.

    Combine style and safety with porcelain paving slabs. These are anti-slip but have a smooth surface for a sleek finish. For a less uniform look, opt for natural materials like Sandstone or Limestone Stone Paving. Each 600 x 300 slab will be unique with a different veining and hue.

  • Why buy 600 x 300 paving slabs from Bradstone?

    We have an extensive selection of 600 x 300 paving slabs for your garden patio project. Discover some of the other reasons why you should buy with Bradstone:

    • Manufactured in Britain: The vast majority of our concrete products are made here in the UK, so you're shopping local when you choose Bradstone. Any materials we import, such as Indian sandstone, go through a rigorous quality check before being added to our collection.
    • Order free samples: Feeling spoiled for choice with our selection of 600 x 300 paving slabs? You can order your three favourites free of charge through our sample service.
    • Bradstone Assured Guarantee: Get peace of mind on your purchase with the Bradstone Assured Guarantee when you choose to transform your space with the help of one of our Assured Landscapers.

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