900 x 600 Paving 

Give your garden a new lease of life with 900 x 600 paving slabs from Bradstone. Available in concrete, porcelain and natural stone, you'll find a product you love in our collection. 

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    Blended Natural Sandstone Paving
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    Old Town ECO Concrete Paving
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900 x 600 paving

We offer an extensive range of 900 x 600  porcelain paving slabs ,known for their durability and sleek finish, perfect for contemporary outdoor spaces


Frequently asked Questions on Paving Slabs: 900 x 600

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • Why choose 900 x 600 paving slabs for your garden?

    In recent years, 900 x 600 has proved the most popular size of patio slabs with homeowners. The large rectangles lengthen or broaden spaces in the mind's eye and allow you to maximise stone space with minimal joins in between. In addition, choosing larger slabs means fewer are needed for your project, so installation is easy.

    Featuring 900 x 600 paving as the foundation of an outdoor seating area is a fantastic way to maximise impact. The width makes these flagstones perfect for pathways, so consider using them to connect the patio with different parts of your garden.

  • What types of 900 x 600 paving slabs do you sell?

    Porcelain is the perfect material for 900 x 600 slabs. Its inherent strength allows for slim tiles that look elegant but are still durable. Porcelain is slip-resistant too, so you benefit from the look of large tiles without compromising safety. Browse our porcelain paving slabs in this size, like Upland, to find your favourites. Our Metallics Porcelain Paving is especially striking. 

    We also stock 900 x 600 paving slabs in natural stone like sought-after Indian sandstone, grey granite and limestone. These materials have heaps of character for unbeatable rustic charm.

    Versatile concrete paving is sometimes available in 900 x 600, although laying patterns are usually comprised of smaller slabs because this material weakens when spread too thin.

  • Why buy 900 x 600 paving slabs from Bradstone?

    We have an extensive range of 900 x 600 garden paving slabs available, but our product selection is just one of the reasons to buy from Bradstone: 

    • Try before you buy: Take advantage of our sample service to assess the look and feel of our different paving slabs ahead of purchase. Order today to get three samples for free.
    • Made in Britain: The bulk of our concrete products are made in the UK, so buying with Bradstone means supporting local suppliers. Our imported materials such as Indian sandstone undergo rigorous tests to ensure they meet our high standards. 
    • Quality guaranteed: We offer the Bradstone Assured Guarantee on almost all projects installed by one of our Assured Landscapers. Terms & conditions apply.
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