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When it comes to laying patterns, you don't have to stick with conventional squares and rectangles. Circle garden paving made up of circles and squaring off pavers can help you create interesting focal points within your outdoor space. At Bradstone, we can pair you with paving designs that work for you. Take a look at the range below.

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  1. Old Riven ECO Concrete Paving
    Old Riven ECO Concrete Paving
  2. Old Town ECO Concrete Paving
    Old Town ECO Concrete Paving
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Create Stunning Focal Points Explore Our Circular Patio Paving

Looking to add something different to your outside space? Circular slabs for the garden provide a remarkable decorative option. They tend to be made up of centre, inner and outer paving slabs. They tend to be rounded off with squaring off pavers too.

Whether you decide to use circular garden patio slabs as a centrepiece or repeat the pattern throughout your outdoor space, they certainly bring something different to the table.



Frequently asked Questions on natural stone paving

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • What types of circle garden paving do you sell?

    At Bradstone, we currently stock circular garden slabs within our ECO range. Our Old Riven ECO Concrete Paving is available in four different colours and, when laid out, the pattern spans 2.4m². The slabs themselves have a straight-sawn edge detail that's inspired by natural quarried stone for a more natural look. When it comes to colours, there's something to suit every garden – for cooler tones, choose Autumn Silver; for something a little warmer, go for Autumn Cotswold.

    You can also choose the Old Town ECO Concrete Paving, which comes in three colours and has a pattern that spans 4m² when laid out. This option is perfect if you're looking for a more traditional look. It's created using moulds of the floor of a 19th-century Lancashire Cotton Mill so that the end result looks like authentic reclaimed stone.

    We're glad to say that these circular garden paving stones also now have a carbon footprint that's 20% lower than their predecessors in the Old Town line. In addition, these slabs can come in a non-circular, more standard laying pattern made up of square and rectangular slabs if you prefer.

    Beyond these, you might be interested in our circle stepping stones. They create a charming yet practical addition to any garden while helping to break up your lawn.

  • Why buy circle garden paving from Bradstone?

    At Bradstone, we’ve been helping people transform their outdoor spaces for over 65 years. Here are just some reasons why you can buy circular patio pavers from us with confidence:

    Ethically sourced materials: We're proud to share that all our products are made from responsibly sourced materials, as per the Ethical Trading Code of Practice.

    Made in Britain: Like most of our products, our circular garden paving slabs are made in the UK and meet the high standards we hold across our paving range.

    Bradstone Assured Guarantee: If you decide to have your garden slabs fitted by one of our Assured Landscapers, you can benefit from our Bradstone Assured Guarantee.

    Try before you buy: It's understandable to want to take a closer look before you buy, which is why we offer up to three free samples.

  • How do I maintain circular paving to ensure its longevity?

    Regular maintenance involves sweeping away leaves and debris and cleaning with a mild detergent and water or a pressure washer. Applying a sealant every few years can protect the surface and help maintain its appearance, ensuring your circular paving stays beautiful for years to come.

  • What are the advantages of choosing circular paving for my garden or patio?

    Circular paving creates a striking focal point, adding visual interest and elegance to your outdoor space. It can serve as a beautiful centerpiece for patios, seating areas, or garden features, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of your landscape.

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