What if I don’t order enough?

What happens if I have any breakages?

Please report any breakages, damages etc as soon as possible and ensure you sign for the goods as "damaged". Please call or email the Bradstone team ASAP and we will set the ball rolling to replace any substandard products as quickly as possible. See replacements procedure

What if I don't order enough?

No problem. You can order extra product from us in any quantity as long as the website offers this product option. If you are unsure of quantities required contact us and we'll gladly advise. Industry guidelines do advise ordering 10% more than required to account for cuts

What if I over order or don't like the product?

Again, no problem. Please contact us if you want to return any paving and long as it is in the quantity and condition (change?) it arrived in and we would be happy to help you. For more in depth info please see our returns policy.

If the product is not immediately available for delivery what is the procedure?

In this unlikely event and it is not marked on the website, as soon as our supplier makes us aware, we will call you to discuss options. Usually we can advise on alternatives, give you an estimated delivery date and keep you updated or issue a full refund as per your wishes. Please see our refund policy/procedure.