How to create a cottage garden

You don't have to live in a cottage to create your own cottage garden paradise. You don't even have to live in the country!

In fact, you can create a cottage garden just about anywhere, because cottage gardens are all about achieving an informal style and garden design, where dense planting and traditional materials combine to make the most of what are normally quite small garden spaces.

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How to create this look

  1. Darker coloured planters are perfect for adding interest to buff coloured patios. 
  2. Create a perfectly traditional setting with the natural look of Old Town paving. 
  3. Small rockery areas are a great way to liven up the corners of a patio. 
  4. Plants such as lavender offer colour and fragrance to any patio area.  
  5. Create a focal point with the Old Town Circle - this can be on it's own or within a patio. Add sculptural plants to give your cottage garden shape and dynamism.
  6. Add height to a level patio are with taller plants and shrubs such as roses and bay trees.
  7. Recall the charm of yesteryear with a perfect cottage garden path. 


Decorative stones are a great way to complete the look and give texture and definition at the edges of paved areas.


Old Town Grey Green

Recall the look and feel of days gone by

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