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Sleek entrances and stylish drives always set the tone for an amazing sense of arrival

The concept

With a vast range of options for drives including ecological solutions theres a unique style for everyone.

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Remember driveways are 24 hour places, you may be out late and parking on dark winter nights, stylish lighting is key and can be effectively built into new schemes.
Paul Hervey-Brookes

Create the look

Many of us don’t have long sweeping drives and must make best use of our front gardens to provide stylish parking solutions and seasonal interest from plants and containers. Perhaps the most clever option is to rely on a backbone of hardworking shrubs which will diffuse noise from near by roads and give blossom, foliage and fruit interest.

A lot of people are concerned about paved spaces in the urban environments so for environmental and stylish solutions, consider making new drives with in-filter systems and ways to manage water run off. Block paving systems work really well for this and come in a range of composite and natural materials.

Slick, crisp, modern finishes and more rustic aged effects can be achieved and compliment existing architectural detail giving a united and designed finish.

Towards the entrance to the house begin to introduce the main paving you are using for terraces or paths to unify the transition between drive and garden - this is a clever design trick that, combined with low evergreen planting, will soften and add interest. Its also a great way to add in personalised seasonal planting containers and accessories to the whole scheme making your drive the most desirable in the street.

Traditional houses and long sweeping drives always rely on stone chippingor aggregates with clipped box or yew hedges for a luxurious crunch! The key to success here is to consider the natural stone of your region and choose an appropriate colour. Remember different aggregates knit together in unique ways and therefore the all important crunch can sound very different.


Driveway Infilta

The best products always find a way to combine flair with function. Driveway Infilta offers a stylish appearance and elegant good looks.

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