Stonemaster paving supplied
Love Your Garden 2014

Episode 1

StoneMaster, introducing a contemporary finish and the feeling of space

The Family

Within their family for four, Darren and Lesley have Amelie, their 10 year old daughter born deaf, partially sighted and in need of constant care.

The Transformation

Alan wanted to reinvigorate the garden area as the family are no longer able to spend time on maintenance.  Due to the lack of space available, Alan used Bradstone StoneMaster long aspect paving to provide the illusion of a larger garden.  As well as the aesthetics associated with this product, StoneMaster also includes benefits such as;

  • Pre-coated with Bradstone Surface Protection which provides resistance against stains such as oil, grease and moss
  • Available in three buff shades to replicate natural sandstone
  • Available in three grey shades to replicate natural granite
  • Packs are single colour only, with the different shades able to be mixed to add more visual impact

Alan finished the garden off using Natural Sandstone walling. This added dimension connects the traditional and contemporary elements of the garden as well as providing height and texture.

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