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Hints & tips

Designing and creating a new garden can be a daunting task, knowing where to start, the feel you want to create and working out how to create a practical but relaxing garden.

Garden design practicalities:
The first thing is to think about how you want to use the garden...

  • How much time will you have for the day to day upkeep of the garden?
  • What is your budget and how do you practically need to use the garden?
  • Where will you keep the wheelie bin? Do you need  to hang the washing out? 
  • How do you to get from A to B within the garden? 

Once you have a list of the practical items then you think about how do you want to use the garden – a place to relax, a place to entertain, a practical garden for growing your own vegetables, a place for the children to play?

Don’t forget to think about your surroundings as well; is there a neighbour's window or an ugly building that an artfully place tree or large shrub would obscure? Or, is there a feature you would like to frame with designs and borrow from your surroundings such as a church spire, or attractive gable end of a neighbouring house?  And then finally don’t forget the sun and the soil.

Don’t start from scratch
If you are planning on re designing your garden don’t be too tempted to clear everything out immediately. Remove really old or diseased plants but leave in the others until you have assessed how attractive they really are.

When redesigning a garden

You be can faced with either an old owners paving choices, old, worn, or damaged paving. Again – don’t throw them away until you are sure they cannot be used as there are a number of options:

  • Heavy old concrete paths can easily be used as a sub base for new garden paving once broken up so reduces the cost of replacement by actively being reused.
  • If old paving stones lift easily they can be reused decoratively either by being revitalized with an edging product or by being used through wider grass or gravel paths.

Getting the basics right
If you are planning to create a terrace or patio for a table and chairs remember this easy rule of thumb.  Take the average width of a table plus a chair either side, then imagine the chair pushed back and someone with the legs outstretched. This is the minimum width you need to comfortably create an outdoor dining space.

Let the fun begin – be inspired
Once you have your list of the practical items then the fun can really begin – visiting other gardens for inspirations, looking at Bradstone’s inspirational ideas, choosing your favourite paving and plants, finding a landscaper to help you or even building the garden yourself!

I am working with Bradstone to help add to their wealth of tools to help provide inspiration including my regular blog about gardening where I will be providing advice and help on designing, looking after your garden, jobs for this month and more.  

As a start point for your inspiration then why not have a look through some of the ideas and tools which are already available.

  • Full garden design packs – my garden design packs provide complete garden design including paving, planting plans and advise on the finishing touches. 
  • Hints & tips - simple planting hints and tips to for planning your planting
  • Bradstone Assured - do you need a installer you can trust? Request a landscaper quote online today.
  • How to videos - if you prefer to do it yourself Bradstone how-to landscaping videos provide practical help and advice.

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