Modern spaces

Modern spaces

Crisp modern gardens have a wow factor that immediately make us feel on show. Glossy surfaces, sleek design and natural timbers all fit the international ‘contemporary’ style.

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Modern gardens all share a few cardinal rules which give them the sleek contemporary look which can be identified in Singapore, New York and London as stylish and fresh feeling.

Broad open terraces or dining areas are the first key to modern contemporary gardens. Tightly jointed large paving such as Bradstone’s Manzano porcelain paving has the fine texture and deep grey to black colours which are most popular for modern spaces.

Long aspect paving laid on a diagonal will make smaller spaces feel wider and more luxurious. Uniform rich predominantly green planting in rectangular planting beds also give the feel. Mix them with a few flowers such as Verbena bonariensis or Cirsium to punch through a bed of evergreengrass or Hosta’ to give some movement and texture.

If the garden is large enough the juxtaposition of modern herbaceous meadows and expansive sleek paved terraces can work really well. Sleek teak or oak wooden furniture which is simple and elegant mixed with modern materials such as high quality resins and metals can add designer chic. Cubic form planters with shrub planting or larger planters with trees can add to the contemporary look.

Sometimes when mixing the thoroughly modern with existing older buildings it can really work to bring in architectural salvage items such as oversized olive jars or ancient potted olive trees to give a sense of context. Still pools of water to divide spaces can also be particularly useful, many combine the use of anchoring the garden with reflective views and being plunge pools for hot sunny days.

Lighting forms a key part of the modern garden, low level floor lighting and clever up lighting of key trees and shrubs will bring the party atmosphere to life and extend the use of the garden into the evenings!



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