Small spaces

Small spaces

Small spaces can be a challenge to get right, difficult boundaries, seemingly low light levels and no soil can be daunting but when well designed they are little oasis of joy and relaxation in a busy world.


Create the look

Small spaces have to work really hard to be successful, but they offer a unique opportunity tomake spaces which don't need to use the well worn rules of design.

High walled small courtyards,which are paved with broad traditional pavers can be turned into tropical feeling oasis by introducing large terracotta pots filled with hardy banana’s tetrapanax and pseudopanax. Introduce shallow pans of water to capture reflections of the sky to make the space feel larger.

Small gardens which have open views out can borrow the landscape and make the garden feel bigger, locked gates on a boundary looking out onto joining green spaces may never open but the imagination will always imagine the two spaces are joined.

Vertical interest can always make smaller courtyards, front gardens and other spaces feel much bigger. Upright poles hung with chunky rope and swathed in climbing roses and clematis will add height and a sense of scale. Use evergreen plants underneath to heighten the sense of uniformity- here fine aggregate chippings alternated with smooth contemporary paving will complete the look.

Densely shaded small spaces offer a unique opportunity to recreate the wonderful victorian crazeof making stumperies and ferneries. Broad or finely cut foliage ferns mixed with host’s and othershade lovers create a garden which has interest and colour year round. Glazed pots reflect lightand will help make the shady garden feel a lot brighter.

Don't forget in any small space a comfortable seat is a must, the idea of most gardens is to spendtime outside relaxing and these little spaces can be the most rewarding to unwind in.



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