With the world around us moving at such a pace and city life more frenetic than ever, create a little sanctuary to escape to in your own garden.

And don’t let limited space limit your ambitions. We have an array of paving solutions that can help you create a little perfect piece of paradise, your own outdoor safe haven, no matter how tight the dimensions.


  1. Create the mood for your outdoor living space with creative lighting.
  2. Long aspect paving can help to accentuate the space with the clean long lines.
  3. Planters are an easy way to introduce plants. They are low maintenance and can be replanted to keep the look fresh and seasonal.
  4. Use a modern paving with a unique design and the contemporary finish instantly creates a designer look and feel.
  5. Choose the right plants. Architectural plants such as pampas grass create a sense of drama and intrigue.
  6. Splashes of statement colours within your accessories add great contrast to your garden theme.
  7. Panache Ground garden paving makes co-ordination of accessories easy. Simply mix neutral colours.
  8. Mixing decorative stones, cobbles and pebbles with paving are just what you need to ensure the surrounding borders look cared for and are low maintenance.

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