Urban garden

Urban Garden

With the world around us moving at such a pace and city life more frantic than ever, create a little urban sanctuary to escape to in your own garden. 


Don't let space limit your ambitions, we have an array of paving solutions that can help you create a perfect piece of paradise, your own outdoor safe haven, no matter how tight the dimensions. 

  1. Create an elegant modern style with a Smooth Natural Sandstone.
  2. Long aspect paving, with its long clean lines, can help to accentuate space in tight areas.
  3. Stylish garden furniture and statement piece soft furnishings are a great way to bring your patio to life.
  4. Use planting creatively to lend structure and add vibrancy and a dash of colour.
  5. Smooth Natural Sandstone can create a stunning visual backdrop to any garden.
  6. Stonemaster with its stylish long aspect pavers, creates the illusion of space with it's ultra modern shades.
  7. Use decorative stones in rich contrasting colours to edge lighter coloured paving.
  8. Block paving isn’t just a great looking solution for driveways. Here, our StoneMaster provides a distinctive and eye-catching patio.
  9. Smooth Natural Sandstone is an ultra modern paving, giving you utmost vibrancy and a real 'stand out from the crowd' appeal when placed directly alongside turf or other features on the same level. 


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