2007 RHS Chelsea Flower Show: Mars Garden

Gold medal winner!

Winner of Best in Show and RHS Gold Medal, this unique garden designed by Sarah Eberle represents a terrestrial space garden on Mars. The garden investigates how an astronaut would enrich their life when off duty, considering the plants they would grow to enhance their existence and to contribute to life support systems. It also explores how such an area can contribute to the psychological welfare of an individual who is away from home and familiar surroundings.

Working closely with Sarah, Bradstone invested almost a full year into the research and development of the products and finishes for the 150mgarden, experinmenting with different pigments and compounds for the paving, to represent the 'scorched earth' patterns found on the surface of Mars with its igneous granite and basalts. The earth rammed walls represent the Mars regolith (soils) being utlised to provide solar protection.

At Bradstone we are indebted to award winning garden designer Sarah Eberle for bringing us such an original garden concept to challenge our ingenuity and showcase both the versatility of our products and our design creativity.

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