Landscaping Features

Landscaping features such as garden steps, walling and coping can help to tie your outdoor design together and leave a professional finish. Why not find a stockist near you or search for a landscaper to bring your design to life? Contact our helpful support team with any questions you may have.

Old Riven Eco Walling in garden setting.Old Riven Eco Walling in garden setting.
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  1. Old Town ECO Walling
    Old Town ECO Walling
  2. Old Town ECO Edging
    Old Town ECO Edging
  3. Mode Profiled Steps
    Mode Profiled Steps
  4. Mode Profiled Edging/Coping
    Mode Profiled Edging/Coping
  5. Smooth Natural Sandstone Steps
    Smooth Natural Sandstone Steps
  6. Old Riven ECO Walling
    Old Riven ECO Walling
  7. Old Riven ECO Edging
    Old Riven ECO Edging
  8. Natural Sandstone Setts
    Natural Sandstone Setts
  9. Natural Stone Walling Slips
    Natural Stone Walling Slips
  10. Natural Sandstone Walling
    Natural Sandstone Walling
  11. Natural Granite Setts
    Natural Granite Setts
  12. Prestige Walling Slips
    Prestige Walling Slips
  13. Eco Countryside Edging
    Eco Countryside Edging
  14. Textured Coping / Edging
    Textured Coping / Edging
  15. Countrystone Walling
    Countrystone Walling
  16. Madoc ECO Walling
    Madoc ECO Walling
  17. Pitched Walling
    Pitched Walling
  18. Universal Steps
    Universal Steps
  19. Easy Stack ECO Walling
    Easy Stack ECO Walling
  20. Stonewood Sleeper ECO Edging
    Stonewood Sleeper ECO Edging
  21. Stepping Stones
    Stepping Stones
  22. Round Top Edging
    Round Top Edging
  23. Kerbs
  24. Rustic Rope Top Edging
    Rustic Rope Top Edging
  25. Scalloped Edging
    Scalloped Edging
  26. Screenwall  Walling
    Screenwall Walling
  27. Pyramid Pier Cap
    Pyramid Pier Cap
  28. Saddleback Coping - Walling
    Saddleback Coping - Walling
  29. Woburn Rumbled Kerbs
    Woburn Rumbled Kerbs
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Showing 29 of 29 products

Transform Your Outdoors – Exceptional Landscaping Features for Every Garden

Connections are key when it comes to garnishing your already excellent garden project with added features. Creating levels and depth will make your space more appealing to view as well as explore. With our other paving options, our landscape features are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Without sacrificing quality, Bradstone is committed to producing sustainable products to provide a positive sense of well-being whenever you redesign.



Frequently asked Questions on Landscaping Features

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • Why add landscaping features to my garden?

    Are you missing something from your garden project? Whether you're putting together an extensive garden overhaul or want to add little touches to breathe new life into your existing space, garden paving features can provide the solution.

    If your garden is a blank canvas, these products can help you add character and make the space your own. A charming run of Stepping Stones could lead to your borders where Rustic Rope Top Edging separates the lawn from the flower beds.

    Browse our products for inspiration or contact us if you need any additional information.

  • What landscaping features can I buy?

    We know that the finishing touches to your garden project can make all the difference, and we offer garden landscaping features in a variety of natural colours such as Sunset Buff and Autumn Green. Products such as our Smooth Natural Sandstone Steps can add style to your already fabulous garden.

    Connections are key when it comes to taking your garden project to the next stage with added landscaping features. Creating levels and depth will make your space more visually appealing and fun to explore. Our garden paving features are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Without sacrificing quality, Bradstone is committed to producing sustainable products to provide a positive sense of wellbeing whenever you redesign.

    Whether you’re looking for steps, walling, setts or edging, here at Bradstone we have the best British-made stone products available for your project.

    Delve into our durable yet cost-effective garden landscaping options to spice up your space. Call us on 01335 372 289 or order online to get started.

  • Why buy landscaping features from Bradstone?

    Manufactured in Britain: Most of our garden paving features are made right here in the UK, so you're supporting British business when you buy from us. We have to import some materials at times, such as Indian sandstone, but these are rigorously checked to ensure we only provide top-quality products.

    Order free samples: If you want to get a real feel for how our walling and coping or garden steps and stairs will look in your space, you can order up to three free samples.

    Bradstone Assured Guarantee: You'll want to enjoy your new garden for years to come. So you'll be pleased to know that our landscaping features and other products are backed by our Bradstone Assured Guarantee when you get them installed by one of our Assured Landscapers.

    Ethically sourced materials: All our products are ethically sourced in line with the Ethical Trading Initiative Code of Practice. We've also reduced the carbon footprint associated with our ECO ranges so they're perfect if you're looking for a more sustainable design.

Find a stockist near you?

All our products are supplied through a nationwide network of builders' merchants and retailers. Check to see if a local stockist near you supplies the products you’re looking for.