Garden Edging

If you're looking to finish a patio, flower bed or border, then Bradstone's beautiful range of garden edging products is for you. From kerbing patios to zoning out flower bed borders, we've got edging to suit every project.

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  1. Old Town ECO Edging
    Old Town ECO Edging
  2. Mode Profiled Edging/Coping
    Mode Profiled Edging/Coping
  3. Old Riven ECO Edging
    Old Riven ECO Edging
  4. Stonewood Sleeper ECO Edging
    Stonewood Sleeper ECO Edging
  5. Eco Countryside Edging
    Eco Countryside Edging
  6. Textured Coping / Edging
    Textured Coping / Edging
  7. Kerbs
  8. Rustic Rope Top Edging
    Rustic Rope Top Edging
  9. Round Top Edging
    Round Top Edging
  10. Scalloped Edging
    Scalloped Edging
  11. Woburn Rumbled Kerbs
    Woburn Rumbled Kerbs
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Showing 11 of 11 products

 Garden Edging

Connections are key when it comes to garnishing your already excellent garden project with added features. Creating levels and depth will make your space more appealing to view as well as explore. With our other paving options, our landscape features are designed and manufactured with the environment in mind. Without sacrificing quality, Bradstone is committed to producing sustainable products to provide a positive sense of well-being whenever you redesign.

Whether you’re looking for steps, walling, setts or edging, here at Bradstone we have the best British-made stone products available for your project.


Frequently asked Questions on Garden Edging

We know just how hard it can be to decide between our products, which is why we encourage you to order up to three samples free of charge.

  • Why buy garden edging?

    Edging separates the different areas of your garden such as grass lawns, flower beds and patio, giving your outdoor space a neat and clean finish. This is especially useful for areas where you're looking to create small partitions and add finishing touches. It also prevents grass from creeping into garden beds or onto the patio, keeping different areas distinct.

    Match your edging with one of our other paving products for a cohesive look or use contrasting materials like brick or stone to create visual interest. Whatever design you're envisioning for your garden, you can find suitable edging right here in our range. We have a wide selection of products on offer, available in a variety of shapes, sizes and colours.

    [Expert quote]

    "Many people think edging is just for aesthetics but it's actually an investment in your garden's health. It helps maintain a balanced ecosystem by controlling the spread of grass and shrubs, promoting healthier plant life and a thriving garden. It can also make your garden easier to maintain, saving you precious time weeding and trimming." – Relevant internal expert

  • What types of garden edging are there?

    We stock a variety of edging products here at Bradstone, each offering different colours, textures, shapes and styles to enhance your garden.

    Many customers love our Rustic Rope Top Edging for its distinctive and eye-catching colourways of Antique Red, Cotswold and Old Granite. Similarly, our Kerbing Stones come in the contrasting colours of Charcoal and Brindle, letting you choose the option that best complements the existing shades in your garden.

    Shapes range from the lively curves of Scalloped Edging to the simple elegance of our Round Top Edging. When it comes to style, you can embrace the traditional and rustic look of our Old Riven ECO Edging or opt for the clean, modern lines of our Mode Profiled Edging, depending on your preference.

  • Why buy from Bradstone?

    Whatever aesthetic you’re looking for, you're sure to find something in the Bradstone range that compliments your garden perfectly. If that doesn't convince you, here are a few more reasons why you should shop with us:

    • Manufactured in Britain: Most of our concrete and stone wall products are made right here in the UK, so you can be sure you're buying the best of British. Any materials we import, such as our Indian sandstone, are rigorously checked to ensure they're of the highest quality.
    • Order free samples: If you want a closer look at any of our wall stone materials, you can take advantage of our free sample service. Order up to three samples, so you can be confident when purchasing.
    • Bradstone Assured Guarantee: We make sure all our walling products are of the highest quality so you can enjoy them for many years to come. For added peace of mind, you'll get our Bradstone Assured Guarantee when you transform your space with one of our assured landscapers.
    • Ethically sourced materials: All our natural wall stones are ethically sourced in line with the Ethical Trading Code of Practice. In addition, we've reduced the carbon footprint of our ECO walling ranges to make our products more sustainable.

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