NATURAL GRANITE combining outstanding natural beauty with long-lasting durability

Natural Granite is the perfect choice if you're looking to add a modern look and feel to your outdoor space. With its straight machine cut edges, textured top surface and choice of two colours, Natural Granite is available in four sizes including the new large aspect 900 x 900mm, providing a perfectly minimalist and contemporary backdrop for architectural type planting.

Our Natural Granite setts are an addition to the range, offering an ideal solution for borders and driveways, as well as patios. They are available in one size and three shades.

Natural Granite in Silver Grey
Silver Grey (SG)
Natural Granite in Mid Grey
Mid Grey (MG)
Natural Granite setts in Black
Black setts (B)
Natural Granite setts in Dark Grey
Dark Grey setts (DG)
Natural Granite setts in Silver Grey
Silver Grey setts (sg)

Product Information

Available In

  • 2 Colours
  • 4 Single sizes
  • 1 Single size sett pack

Technical Information

Technical information for Natural Granite
Technical information for Natural Granite setts

Please note: Due to the size of the 900 x 900mm paver, lifting equipment is highly recommended.

Typically a vacuum lifter or similar would be advised for laying this product.

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Ethically sourced

All our natural stone products are ethically sourced


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CE mark

CE marked


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Although every effort is made to ensure accuracy, all images are for illustrative purposes only. Due to varying light conditions it is not always possible to show the true colours of our products in a photograph. To ensure you are completely happy with the product before ordering be sure to view a sample at your local stockist, ask them to order a sample for you or speak to our Customer Care team on 01335 372289.

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