AGED RIVEN Traditional style and charm comes of age

Aged Riven is a paving solution that combines the old and the new in perfect harmony. A distinctive weathered profile gives the paving a traditional and timeworn appearance, while a smooth and sleek edge feature is decidedly more modern and contemporary in style.

Random style patio packs are available in all three shades but a uniform pattern is achievable using the single sized dark grey paver.

Aged Riven in Dark Grey
Aged Riven in York Brown
Aged Riven in Cotswold

Product Information

Available In

  • 3 Colours
  • 2 Patio Packs
  • 1 Single size

Technical Information

Technical information for Aged Riven
Technical information for Aged Riven large patio pack

12.96m2 PATIO PACK

Approx size:

3600 x 3600mm

Kit consists of:

  • 16 = 600 x 450mm
  • 32 = 450 x 450mm
  • 16 = 300 x 450mm
Technical information for Aged Riven small patio pack


Approx size:

1800 x 3150mm

Kit consists of:

  • 7 = 600 x 450mm
  • 14 = 450 x 450mm
  • 7 = 300 x 450mm

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