Join Bradstone Assured

Join Bradstone Assured

How to

As a Bradstone Assured installer you'll have the backing of the Bradstone brand, that means you get access to a whole bunch of of brilliant support services to help develop and grow your business.

Combining our passions for transforming outdoor spaces, we'll work together to make every project the best it can be for every customer. We'll work together to grow your presence in our local area, build confidence and trust amongst prospective customers, and give you all the support you need to make it happen. You've got it in Bradstone.

You're part of a community of expert landscapers, who we provide support to day in day out, from the start of the project to its perfect finish. We've laid down a dedicated range of support services to make every project run smoothly.

Why join the Assured family? 

You’re part of a community of expert landscapers, who we provide support to day in day out, from the start of the project to its perfect finish. We’ve laid down a dedicated range of support services to help make every project run smoothly.

Field based technical and project team for support on service, product availability, orders, installation and product specification

A wide range of products and free sample boxes to showcase to customers. Training offered on new products and laying techniques. 

You will be given completion cards so that your customers can benefit from a free guarantee on Installation **of Bradstone products only for a reasonable domestic use

You will also benefit from a free product guarantee on Bradstone products *with the exception of Peak

You will be able to reserve stock for upcoming projects to avoid any disappointment

Flexible delivery nationwide

Profile featured on our website to increase leads, assured projects featured on our social media sites and brochure 

Personalised Installer copies of the brochure featuring your contact details when leaving brochures with customers

Exclusive community on facebook to share ideas and tips

Branded bradstone assured tops to add credibility to membership

Annual awards ceremony to crown installer of the year and elevate company

Earn Assured points that are accessible through an easy to use app which will help you get exclusive rewards for your loyalty

Meet the team! 

  Peter Montgomery

 National Sales Manger 

Tel: 07740933992

Matt Bettison

National Assesor


Lisa Bartlett

Installer Sales Office Manager


Lisa Cooper

Installer Sales Manager

East Midlands


Justin Handby

Installer Sales Manager

North England and Scotland

Tel: 07718961322

Emma Foster

Installer Sales Manager

West Midlands


Ruth Cowling

Installer Sales Manager

South West


Gary Mills

Installer Sales Manager

Sussex, Kent, Surrey and South London


Sarah Hennem

Installer Sales Manager 

Essex, Herts, Norfoil, Suffolk and North London



That sounds great, how do I join?

All of these benefits and more are made available to you when you become a Bradstone Assured member.

Bradstone Assured is open to all landscaping professionals. However to ensure we are offering the homeowner the best in the industry all applicants do need to meet strict professional criteria before being welcomed onto the scheme.

To apply, please complete this simple online form and we’ll contact you within 2-3 days.
For further information call the team on 01335 372289 or email [email protected]