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We believe your garden us not just a space, but it is a stage to shine, to feel great

Welcome to Bradstone, where outdoor dreams become breathtaking reality. The journey to transforming any outdoor space is an exciting one. For more than 65 years we’ve had the pleasure of bringing lots of garden and driveway ideas to life.

From design to sourcing sustainable materials and expert installation, we’ve always been there every step of the way. Bradstone is the one place to go to transform any outdoor space. Our range offers you the very best in garden products and driveway materials, helping people transform their outdoor spaces since 1956. Bradstone originated from the family company of E H Bradley and Sons, which was established in 1902. Today, we still operate on one of our original sites, right on the southern edge of the Cotswolds. An area of England famous for the beauty of its historic villages, the natural stone quarried there is characterised by its soft yellow colour that we still use in our products today. We call upon these many years of experience to design and develop products that set the standard for quality, performance and visual appeal. The philosophy behind our range is to provide inspiration for homeowners so that they can have the garden or driveway of their dreams. It drives what we do in product development and pushes us to remain at the forefront of cutting-edge design with our landscaping collection.

It’s time to elevate your space with our exquisite porcelain, driveways, garden and concrete paving, and patio solutions. Crafted with innovation and passion, our porcelain paving embodies timeless elegance, while our driveways make bold statements of durability and style. Transform your garden into a tranquil escape with our diverse garden paving options, and embrace the versatility of our concrete paving for pathways and pool decks.

Let Bradstone be your canvas as you create outdoor masterpieces that reflect your unique vision. With each project, we're not just laying pavers; we're crafting experiences, memories, and moments that last a lifetime. As proud sponsors of the APL Awards 2024, we continue to push boundaries and set new standards in outdoor design. Join us in redefining outdoor living.

Find your 65 years outdoor styleFind your 65 years outdoor style


Find your 65 Years
outdoor style

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