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Complete Your Border By Laying Garden Edging Stones

Gardening Advice

When it comes to creating a beautiful garden, a well-defined garden border can add structure and definition to your space. There are many options available, but garden edging stones stand out to us as a versatile and timeless choice.

Not only do edging stones enhance the overall look of your garden, but they serve a practical purpose by keeping plants in place and preventing the intrusion of grass or weeds. There are a few steps to take if you are looking at laying garden stones for edging, all of which are easy to follow and make paving edging an easy option.

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Plan And Prepare

Before you start your paving edging project, it’s essential to plan accordingly.

Measure the length of your border and consider the style and design of your garden; you want edging stones that will complement the rest of the space. 

For a rustic look, go for paving edging stones like the Old Riven or Old Town. If you’re after a more modern design, the Mode Profiled paving edging or the ECO Countryside garden edging stones are excellent choices. 

Once you’ve decided on your garden stones for edging, gather your tools, including:

·       A shovel

·       Garden gloves

·       A rubber mallet

·       A level

Level The Area

Once you know what garden edging stones you want and have your tools ready, it’s time to prepare the border properly. Clean away any existing plants, debris or rocks and ensure that your soil is even and levelled along the designated border. 

Properly preparing the area will ensure that your garden stones for edging are level and maintain a straight border line.

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Lay Concrete Base

To lay your edging, you must start by laying out the paving edging stones along the border to get an idea of what the final finish will look like. Once they’re marked out, choose which end you will begin with and dig a trench along the border slightly broader and deeper than the paving edging stones to accommodate a concrete base. 

Install Your Garden Edging Stones

Once you have your trench, place the garden edging stones in it and ensure they fit tightly against each other with no gaps. Use your rubber mallet to gently tap the stones into place, ensuring they are level and flush with the ground.

Throughout the process of fitting the paving edging, make sure that you check the alignment to ensure that it is straight.

Secure The Paving Edging Stones

To ensure that the garden edging stones are stable and won’t shift, you must secure the stones in place and build a concrete haunch. This means adding concrete supports at the sides of your paving stones to create extra stability and prevent wobbling. 

Finishing Touches

Once you have your garden edging stones in place, it’s time for the finishing touches. Fill the area behind the stones with bark or gravel, creating a clean transition between the garden and the border and suppressing weeds. Add decorative items such as planters, ornaments or even a water feature. 

old town ECO edging


Regular maintenance is essential to keep your garden edging stones in good condition. Inspect the stones to ensure they aren’t damaged or shifting and trim the grass or weeds so that it doesn’t creep into the border. Cleaning the stones is easy; simply scrub with a mild detergent and rinse off with water.

Ready to install paving edging in your garden space? Take a look at the range of garden edging stones that we offer here. If you’re looking for a professional to help you get the perfect garden edging, find a Bradstone-Assured garden landscaper here.